Friday, 3 July 2015

A look at some of the leading email clients available on the iPhone

While the native iOS email client is enough for most, there are some alternative email clients you can run on your device. Some like Triage should be used along side the email client as it does not have all the features to be able to be a viable replacement. These apps will mostly support IMAP services like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Thexyz and Only a few also supported Microsoft Exchange and MobileSync connections.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Price: free
  • Exchange: yes
  • Thexyz/IMAP: yes
The new Microsoft Outlook app has brought OWA to the iPhone with a matching layout.


  • Price: free
  • Exchange: yes
  • Thexyz/IMAP: yes
Seems to put attachments in front view with what seems like quite an innovative email client. Whilst it does not work with Exchange accounts, it does support IMAP accounts without issue.


  • Price: $4.99
  • Exchange: yes
  • Thexyz/IMAP: yes
Boxer supports all major email providers including Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync), Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud,, and IMAP. 


  • Price: free
  • Exchange: yes
  • Thexyz/IMAP: yes
CloudMagic will not only support Exchanged hosted accounts, it will also work with most IMAP providers and support multiple accounts. It also has full integration with, Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Trello and MailChimp.


  • Price: free
  • Exchange: no
  • Thexyz/IMAP: no
Mailbox made big news when they were purchased by Dropbox in 2013. Lighter on features than some of the others and currently only support Gmail and iCloud.

Triage: Email First Aid

  • Price: $2.99
  • Exchange: no
  • Thexyz/IMAP: yes
Triage is not much of an email client, instead it allows you to quickly sort through emails, deleting the ones you don't need and bit by bit, allows you to take control of your inbox.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Get the domain free with any hosted email account

In keeping with our ongoing promotions with the .xyz domain, we are offering domain registrations that use your first or name, free of charge for the first year. Your .xyz domain must match either your first or last name to be included in the promotion. You will need to pay for the domain as if you are registering it normally. You will then receive a full refund for the domain purchase. You must also order the hosted email account at same time of purchase.

Email is here

We have teamed up with the .xyz registry to give you specials deals on registrations, free email forwarding with every registration and a free .xyz domain registration when you purchased a hosted email service from us.

Due to the .xyz being just over a year old at the time of writing this, there is still a great deal of availability with the domain, a growing trend as been to register a person's

Free .xyz domain with email account

When you register a .xyz domain using either your first or last name and purchase an email service from us, we will give you the domain free of charge for the first year.

Email for the whole family

‎It doesn't stop with just a personal email account, once you have the domain, you can setup multiple email accounts for the whole family.

For example:

Free domain forwarding

All our domain registrations come with free DNS and forwarding services, allowing you to forward your domain to any existing web address or server.

Free email forwarding

If you are not ready for our premium email service just yet, we also free email forwarding so you can get the .xyz domain with the email address you've always wanted without changing your main address.

Click here to get your .xyz domain with webmail at Thexyz
Monday, 15 June 2015
An infographic that looks into everything about spam. From the first mentions by Monty Pyhthon to the increasing volume needing proficient spam filtering.
Everything about Spam

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