Friday, 12 January 2007
If you're not familiar with web hosting then you can get information on the basics of this service that allows you to hook up your website to the World Wide Web.

When you design a website the first thing that you're looking at is to get onto the World Wide Web so that your consumers can access your website at all times to get information on your products and services.

There are two basic types of web hosting services; shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

When you're looking at web hosting services you will be given packages based on the bandwidth which is the quantity of data that your website is allowed to transfer in a specific time frame.

This is also known as transfer on certain occasions and each time a consumer views your website on the web and they download it from the hosting server, they're utilizing your bandwidth.

Along with this you will be charged for storage which is the amount of hard drive space that your website has been allocated on the hosting server.

Shared Web Hosting

This is an option which can be utilized for smaller websites which do not have a high traffic website. The advantage is that the hosting service provider will hook you up on a server which has websites of other clients also.

This is a cheaper option as the service provider will give you an annual limit for storage on the hard disk, limited number of e-mail accounts that you can create and use along with the bandwidth.

However, the con in selecting shared web hosting is that there is a possibility of getting lousy service if the server for the web hosting becomes crowded with too many clients. In this case your website will become unresponsive as well as slow down considerably.

This is the service you will be paying for and you might as well get the best value for money. When you go for Web hosting which is actually a form of shared hosting, you can get the service from hosting providers like geocities or other servers. This is very restricted in terms of the options and space you are provided. Therefore it is not recommended for real businesses who should invest in getting the real domain name and paid dedicated hosting services. This is essential if you want online startup business to grow eventually into a full-fledged business empire.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Now when you go for dedicated servers for web hosting then you're basically getting one individual server for yourself. Basically you will get all the resources which have been allocated to the server which includes the entire bandwidth as well as the storage space. You can utilize it as you wish and this is a good option if you have a large website which has too much traffic coming into it. However, it can be a waste of time and money for a small startup online business to go for dedicated web hosting.


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