Wednesday, 2 December 2009
If you have requested payment in the last 30 days, you will recieve your payment this week providing you have provided a valid paypal acount email address. For those that have requested payment through alertpay, you will have to have wait. This is due to reasons beyond our control. For faster payments, sign up for a free paypal account and get your payment like everybody else this week.

When you receive your payment can you please send a screen shot of the paypal transaction email so we can post the proof on the blog and forum. We will be sure to remove any sensitive information if you do not yourself. Thanks for participating in thexyz.

This post is now out of date as we closed our affiliate program.
Monday, 30 November 2009

A creative idea with feasibility and right execution at right time is what takes a advertising to cherish life long despite being a low cost to value.

Simplicity with brilliant young minds shapes the advertising industry.

It’s not surprising that great ideas comes from everywhere so we should keep our mind open, look around as it should also exhibit an appropriate degree of resemblance to what service or product we are advertising.

Mobile advertising has seemed to pick up the market mood despite of constraints like socio-economic, demography it has positioned itself as a really cool long time pure genius where everyone previously could not even think of shadowing other media.

It’s more of an emotional blend to study of how you match up with customers view point thinking style, behaviors and response.

As radio advertising does not require verbal responses its more same like tv on pc advertising which these days has opted for short messaging service holding quizzes, promotions etc. Companies are measuring emotional responses with advanced physiological methods.

It helps in designing strategies that would work better for the millions of dollars spent. Getting Insight of how to get engaged with customers in the changing world is a great challenge as sometimes the ‘buzz’ surrounding the media may dilute their decisions who are mostly misguided by lack of awareness and appropriate research.

In print advertising headlines grabs the readers to hold them read further mostly with nine words or less and you won’t believe that headlines is read more than four times by a reader than the text or the body. It’s of course different from business to business prospective so for print advertising which promises to reach the target audience always looks for that out of box words yet simple and straight.

Internet advertising is unique, liable as it catches only 1% of the audience yet a compelling and challenging task which still has a ray of hope opening all doors to this special still in infant stage we have seen it grow over the years , internet advertising

Is still immature.

As we thrive to success, we all are here to stay, live and grow together for a great future.

idea feasibility of creating and implementing the right moment is what a

Friday, 30 October 2009

Beginning early october Thexyz Network will be launching new updates to Thexyz Network's custom website builder software. As developments on the web continue to evolve, so does the need for powerful website building software that can be quickly put to good use in creating beautiful custom websites seamlessly integrated with secure payment solutions and popular social networking platforms.

With these changes will also introduce changes to our price payment plans. Rest assured we are not increasing our prices like other companies. We are restructuring to add more flexibility and options when purchasing hosting and shared hosting packages. In the past we have included unlimited storage and bandwidth with all hosting packages. We will now we offer several different hosting packages. We will continue to offer our VPS hosting plans as well as hosting plans that have all the same features with limited bandwidth and storage. This will allow users that do not require excessive web storage to pay full price for it. In addition to these changes we will also be adding new discounted price plans for customers who are looking to save by paying for more than one year in advance.
Stay tuned as we approach the new month of October and finally launch our scheduled updates on Thexyz.
Sunday, 18 October 2009
Early this week a domain name change will be finalized and this site will no longer be thexyz.ORG. It will change to Thexyz.INFO. This is because Thexyz Ad Network is growing and we a launching a new site this week. The new site is called Thexyz - Social Advertising Network and pays users to convert and shorten links. It is designed to work with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace where members can post links and be paid for clicks on their links.

This site and blog will not be changing at all. The only thing that will change will be the end of the domain name. Be sure to update your bookmarks and referral codes when the change is complete. Thank you for embracing the change and we hope you check out our new site.
Tuesday, 18 August 2009

As we love to be one that keeps in tune with the latest developments across the industry, we are introducing SPF and DKIM on our email hosting servers. They are a part of our arsenal to fight spam and reduce mail spoofing for mail hosting packages with Thexyz Email & Apps.

What is SPF and DKIM?

  • SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is implemented using a TXT record. It is an extension of SMTP that stops email spammers from forging the 'From' fields in an email. This becomes necessary as SMTP inherently does not have an authentication mechanism. SPF does this by specifying addresses that are authorized to send email for your Domain Name.

  • Along with SPF, we have also introduced DKIM. Domain Keys Identification Mail is another mechanism you can use to fight email forgery. It uses encryption technology (public key cryptography) to verify that an email is really from the sender from whom it appears to be.

  • Please Note: There will not be any changes required if you are using our DNS Services.

  • In case our DNS services are not being used, you will need to add certain TXT records at your DNS provider. These records can be viewed in the Order Details View under Manage DNS in the Free DNS tab.

.WS Price Changes

  • In keeping with the .WS Registry price hike, the price of a .WS Domain Name will be increased by $1.00 for Registrations, Renewals and Transfer-Ins, from the 31st of August, 2010 at 12:30 UTC.

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