Monday, 26 April 2010
One of the ways to promote a service or a product with the help of the internet across the world is to Advertise online. The main intention behind the usage of internet for promotion of products/services is to deliver the message of the firm efficiently to the customers, thereby attracting them and impacting directly on the company's bottom-line.

Advertising online can be classified as follows:

  • Advertisement found at one side of the result page of any search engine.

  • The advertisements found just in the form of banners on the pages of various websites.

  • Advertisements found in each and every social networking site.

  • There are specified networks meant just for the purpose of advertising

  • There are certain classifies pages in the net that only advertise

  • There is a very vastly used method of advertising in the net that basically is done by sending e-mails to the respective customers which are actually advertisements.

  • There is also another terminology completely used in this context of advertising called as the e-mail marketing.

The major advantage of this advertising internet marketing online is that it helps in immediate update of the required information in the net. This also has brought forward the concept of advertising called as the interactive advertising where in the prospective customer also responds to the advertiser hence giving them support and feedback.

Not only is advertising on the World Wide Web cost effective but is also effective as it displays only the ads as per user request and on search engine pages you would find ads that is linked to the search only.

When we look at marketing on internet it comprises the advertising online since any kind of advertising is also considered as marketing. There are a lot of names used to refer to Advertising internet marketing online and some of them are listed below for your reference:

  • e-Marketing (electronic marketing)

  • Online marketing

  • Web marketing

  • i-marketing (advertising internet marketing online

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

After a couple of months of testing the beta phase of the Thexyz Ad Network, we are ready to roll out a major updated version. This has been due to a very small percentage of users reporting that occasionally image ads do not always click through to the url and the page may require refreshing. Our new site has addresses this issue as we continue to make developments and enhancements to suit the needs of all users.

Our new site will be launched this week, a new, upgraded website and database. All previous information including, ads, stats and accounts we have to be created again as we will be installing a new database to replace the old one. The old one has been backed up several times so if you do not have your advertising artwork on file, I am sure we can retrieve it for you. We apologize for any any inconvenience but look forward to launching and serving your web needs with a much improved site.

Manage Text/Banner Ads: Manage PPC ads of your advertisers effectively. You may now view advanced click/profit statistics of each ad and its keywords. The pending state of ads helps you better to approve/reject ads awaiting approval .You also have a detailed ad info page from where you can activate/block/delete ads, manage keywords, view statistics etc. You can also search for ads by id.

Manage Keywords: View all keywords specific to ads and the bid price for each keyword. You may activate/block the keywords specific to any ads anytime.

View Advanced Statistics: Thexyz Networkallows you to see advanced click/profit statistics daily, weekly, monthly and yearly based. You may view complete statistics in detail up to each keyword level. You can also view advertiser based as well as publisher based statistics.

Adsense like Ad Display Code: Now showing up the ads is just simple as just putting a piece of code in the page where you want to display the ads. With the newly introduced ad blocks, managing ad display units has become even more easier. You can manage the style of the ad units from your control panel; no need to replace the code everytime .

Ad rotation based on ageing and CTR : Thexyz Networkwill show ads not just based on click values; the system updates the weightage of every keyword frequently based on the click value, ageing and click through rate. So all the ads in the system have a better chance to be displayed even if the click value is less.

Detailed Statistics for Publishers/Advertisers : Advertisers and publishers can see advanced statistics even in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Code for Search/Content: Publisher can generate the ad display code for his search engine or for a content page. Content page ads will automatically identify the content of the page based on the title and meta tags and will display relevant ads.

Repetitive Click Tracking: Thexyz Network is capable of identifying repeated clicks. You may login to you admin area and check how many repetitive clicks you got in the specified time period. Inout Adserver will allow a particular visitor to click on a particular ad, only once in a day.(This time period is configurable). Subsequent clicks will not be counted as valid clicks. But your visitors may click on a separate ad and it will be counted as valid. As the quality of clicks are very important, your advertisers will love to post their ads again and again in your advertising service.

Fraudulent/Invalid Publisher Click Tracking: Thexyz Networkwill alert you if any of your publisher himself click on the ads shown his website. These clicks will be considered as fraudulent clicks and will not be counted. Thexyz Networkcan track invalid clicks with cutting edge fraud prevention technology. Clicks are treated invalid if they are from ips where ads were not delivered.You may login to your admin area and check how many fraudulent/invalid clicks your publishers made. If necessary you may even warn/block the publisher.

Public Service Text/Banner Ads: Using Thexyz Network, you may add public service/non-commercial ads from the admin area so that you can ensure there will be always some ads showing up for any keywords.

Priority Email Support Desk: Get the support you need from our priority based email support desk and online live support.

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