Monday, 17 May 2010

After a few months of testing the service and fine tuning, Thexyz Network launches its own micro blogging platform. - Micro Blogging Platform is a micro-blogging service is brought to you by Thexyz Network and the software StatusNet tool.

If you register for an account, you can post small (140 chars or less) text notices about yourself, where you are, what you're doing, or practically anything you want. You can also subscribe to the notices of your friends, or other people you're interested in, and follow them on the Web or in an RSS feed.

The service is essentially very similar to Twitter, however many developers have been improving the open source script over recent months and it can now be even more powerful than Twitter when used to its full potential. To get started create a free account here and start personalizing your profile page. If you are a developer and have worked on improving or plan on submiting and would like some API source code, please click here for the application form.

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