Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today we have added a variety of different sized ad units into Thexyz Network database. They have been designed for Nations United and available to all publishers internationally.

Regardless of your region you will be able to publish these ads on your website. If you haven't yet created any ad units, you can login to your ad publisher account here. If you need any help in creating your ad units or correctly inserting the javascript/html code into your website, please contact support here.

The Nations United Desert Ad Series:

Nations United 180 Ad Box

Nations United 200 Ad Box

Nations United 234 Ad Box

Nations United 250 Ad Box

Nations United 300 Ad Box

Nations United 336 Ad Box

Nations United 728 Banner

Ads are live on the system, more ads coming soon.

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Monday, 19 July 2010
Thexyz Network, a leading Canadian web service provider has opened a head office in Canada's economic capital - Toronto. Located in the heart of the downtown core at 1 Yonge St, the first building on the street that is also the longest road in the world. Stretching from downtown Toronto to upper Canada, it reaches 1,896 km (1,178 mi) in length. Our building is also home to the Toronto Star Newspaper.

Register a Domain in Toronto

Thexyz provides web services to all web users, with many staff working in the Greater Toronto Area to provide many clients and business in Toronto with the following services:

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

In the last couple of weeks there has been a Linux Platform hack gathering speed which has already affected a couple of reputed Web Hosting companies in the industry. While there is no clarity on the exact method of the attacks, they seem to be targeting various plugins that might be part of the applications running on your Customers’ websites.

Much like the Gumblar attacks around the same time last year, we suggest that you keep the Web Applications running on your websites up to date. This includes Wordpress installations, or any other CMS which needs regular updates.
Here are a few things that you can keep in mind:

  • Always use strong passwords (changing them from time to time is a good idea)

  • Using SFTP will also help in preventing these infections

  • Scan your local system with a good AntiVirus and Malware remover to make sure the system is infection free

  • Avoid 777 permissions on any file or folder on your server

On our part, you can rest assured that we are taking all measures necessary to avoid any such infection on our servers. We have various security mechanisms in place that block these malicious actions from taking shape and we have also implemented various automated and periodic scans which identify any such patterns and cut them out from the root.

Fortunately, we do not have any instances of such an attack on our servers yet, we will need you to be vigilant and proactive in taking all precautionary measures.
Wednesday, 7 July 2010

.CO.IN, NET.IN, ORG.IN, GEN.IN, FIRM.IN, IND.IN Domains are currently just $5.09 CDN.

Thexyz is dedicated to providing you with the best pricing we can. This page will show you a summary of all our currently running promos and special offers only through Thexyz .

  • Renewals and Transfers are not eligible for this special pricing.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of domains that can be registered through this promotion.
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