Monday, 30 August 2010

We have successfully launched our updated website with many new features for both advertisers and publishers. You will notice improvements with both speed and compatibility as we open up XML API to third party ad services like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser etc. We have also developed a new category of ad units to allow advertisers and publishers to create WAP ads for cell phones. This is great news for app developers looking to monetize a free application on a mobile phone.

Here is a list of the updates:

  • Auto caching of ad display to reduce the system overload by caching each individual ad unit.

  • XML API you have the option to display the ads in customized format.

  • You can now create ads targeted to mobile devices, which support WAP 2.0.

  • Using XML API you will have the option to display the ads in customized formats. You will also have the opportunity of selling ads to third party ad servers to maximize revenues.

  • Minor CSS design updates to reduce page load times.

Check it for yourself...

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