Friday, 17 December 2010

Hello Cost Per Impression Advertising (CPM)

Whilst CPM advertising is nothing new for Thexyz Network or most seasoned advertisers and publishers, our new upgrade has made things a whole lot easier and better.Here is a small guide for CPM...

CPM ads

These are ads which are targeted to a particular ad position on a particular domain.

Advertiser has to pay in advance for 1000 (or multiples of 1000) impressions in advance
Publishers can submit ad publishing urls (tagged to a specific category) and define specific ad positions in their urls.

You can also read the wiki on CPM here:


While defining an ad position, you must specify the following:

  • Position name which gives some idea about location of the ad position in the url (Eg: top right, center bottom, header etc).

  • An ad block size to be used in the ad position.

  • Ad preference (whether only text ad, only banner ad or catalog or all)

  • Impression count

  • CPM rate

The impression count and CPMrate is used to create CPMpackage for that position; A publisher can add different packages for that position later, to target advertisers with different budgets.

  • All urls and ad positions will be pending initially until approval.

  • When a position for a particular url is activated by admin, then the url is activated automatically.


  • An advertiser after creating a cpm ad can target his ads to desired ad positions.

  • He has to choose a category first, then all urls targeted to that category will be displayed.

  • If he choose a url all ad positions available for that url will be displayed with details.

  • Please note that positions are displayed based on ad preference. So if ad is a banner ad and the ad position has text preference, then it wont be displayed.

  • Also if the ad is a banner ad, then positions which are of same dimension as the ad will be displayed.

  • Advertisers can request for displaying of their ad in a particular position and chose a desired package.

  • All requests placed by the advertiser will be in pending state initially until approved.

  • An advertiser can edit/delete a mapping when it is in pending state.

  • When approved by the position owner it will be shown as active.

  • When an ad completes the specified number of impressions it will be moved to completed state.

Such mappings may be deleted or renewed by advertiser. On deletion they will be maintained in a deleted state in the system for statistical purpose.If you renew a mapping a new mapping will be created automatically with the chosen settings.

Managing ad mappings to ad positions

  • Publishers can view all pending requests to their ad positions.

  • Publishers may review the request and approve or reject at the same.

  • If approved account balance of advertiser will be deducted immediately and ads will set to display from activation time onwards.

  • The ads will expire automatically after the specified impressions are completed.

  • Once approved it is responsibility of the position owner to ensure that ad code is placed properly ads are displayed properly in his site.

CPM Statistics

Advertisers can view the statistics of their ads. They can view the detailed statistics of each ad based on ad mappings.
Publishers can view the statistics of their ad display positions. They can also view the detailed statistics of each ad position based on ad mappings.

Fraud control

If an advertiser finds that the publisher is not displaying ads as per terms, he can report to admin and if the case, the ad position will be removed with possible account suspension for publisher. On deleting the position, all active mappings will be deleted and and funds will be reverted to advertisers.
This is a simple guide to understand the new upgrade. If you have any questions feel free to contact our talented support team.
The secure online shopping cart control panel will require a brief downtime in order to upgrade firmware to ensure our networks are kept up to date. The downtime window details are as follows -

Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Start Time: 0730 Hrs GMT
Estimated Downtime: 30 Mins

This outage shall have no impact on your domain names and other services, which will continue to work properly. For any details with respect to this downtime, please contact our Support team.
Thursday, 2 December 2010

You may have noticed a few changes to the Google search engine recently, the Google local business listings and Google places have merged into the main results instead of being in a box on top. You can also catch a screenshot preview of each website by hovering your mouse over the title. Some nice features to enjoy but what interests many people is the mystery of the Algorithm. This has been kept a closley guarded company secret alike the kernels 11 secret herbs and spices. Every now and again a loophole is exposed, giving up greater insight into how a website is ranked and eventually Google acting by changing something in the Algorithm. The New York Times recently published an article on how one website owner achieved higher ranking from bad reviews.

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