Monday, 14 March 2011

If you're interested in becoming a forum moderator, please read on.

Only serious applicants please, while being a moderator is a lot of fun - it's also a very big responsibility and not to be taken lightly. Along with admin duties, there will also be a great opportunity to learn about managing multiple web sites and databases.

In order to help promote the development of our community, we are now recruiting some Volunteer Forum Moderators to help further improve the forum for all users! If you’d like to become an important member of the Thexyz Forum community and help us improve the forum, we’d love to hear from you!

Why should I apply?

Being a moderator is not to be taken lightly, but helping your community flourish can be immensely rewarding. With your help, the DS forums can become more welcoming, more entertaining, and more helpful to new comers.You can play a key role in shaping the community and enhancing the entire Dynasty Saga experience for everyone who visits the forum. Need we say more?

The ideal Candidate‚

- Be at least 18 years of age
- Is already an active member of our Forums or other Thexyz site and familiar with our websites.
- Is devoted to the Thexyz community and willing to make a long term commitment to the forum.
- Has experience as a long-term moderator or contributor on other forums. (Moderating experience is not required, but will give priority over applicants without experience.)
- Uses proper written language and possesses strong communication skills.
- Can stay calm and unbiased in dealing with others, even when such respect is not always reciprocated by peers.

What is expected of a Moderator?

Moderators are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and unbiased manner at all times. All moderators should take an active interest in promoting lively and helpful interaction on the forum. Help new users feel welcome, and help keep discussions entertaining while staying helpful and on-topic. Of course, you will occasionally need to step in and use some of your ‚Moderator Tools‚Äù(deleting/locking threads, etc.) to help prevent conflict.

Daily tasks for all moderators include:

- Deleting non-relevant posts and threads containing hurtful, non-constructive, crude, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate remarks.
- Deleting threads or posts that break forum rules.
- Moving off-topic threads to the appropriate forum. (eg. Moving bug reports from Social Section to Suggestions & Feedback Forum)

Some Moderators will have specific responsibilities such as:

Highlighting Valuable Posts or Creating Compilation Threads
Always keep an eye out for especially useful or entertaining threads. If you find a thread worth sharing,you can apply for permission to highlight it or include it in a compilation thread on the forum.
If this is something you could see yourself doing, click here to apply ...

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