Friday, 27 May 2011

Thexyz Ad Server 2.2

As we get ready to roll out our new 2.2 version of our adserver platform, we wanted to inform all that we will also be scheduling a maintenance window as we move to our new upgraded server environment. This change-over will likely cause at the most 20 minutes of downtime to our ad server. We will ensure the downtime is kept to minimum and the ads should be back up and running in no time. We will be sending out a mailer and another post once we have decided upon the ideal time to commence the change-over.

Upgraded support services

From looking at the setup of our previous server setup and this one, we have made some changes to way we offer support. Our live chat will be taken offline as it uses too much bandwidth from our server. We will instead rely more on our in-house ticketing system, email support and our forum to provide our first class free support to clients of Thexyz Network.

On top of this, added support is also provided via premium support memberships or one-time payments on this page. Here you can chat live via Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM, Skype or allow us to connect directly to your computer via our Remote Assistance Program.
Monday, 16 May 2011
Over the past weekend many users have experienced time out issues when trying manage certain areas in the admin area, we noticed many issues ourselves when trying to edit a CPM url in the database. The issue was a result of a server error and engineers have fixed the problem. There was no loss to services or data and all services are fully operational again. For a long term solution we are currently building a new dedicated server environment  as usage on the site continues to increase month over month.

We would also like to remind everyone that this upgrade will only effect and not any accounts or hosting packages associated with it. As we launch our new system wide upgrade over the next few weeks, we do expect some minor downtime not exceeding 20 minutes. After the switch we will have new system with many upgrades and a super powerful server to cope with the increased demand.
Thursday, 5 May 2011
While we may never know exactly how Google went about changing the index for 11.8% percent of search queries. By checking you stats over the past few months (January, February, March, April 2011) you can see if Google has reduced the number of page crawls.

You can check this in Google Webmaster Central

Alexa Stats

Your Alexa Stats page will show how popular your site has been over the past few months as well as monitor popular search terms. This can be helpful to determine if your popular competitive search phrases have been affected.


Not the most accurate way to check if you have been affected by the panda update, however if you have been flagged, you will notice a drop in bandwidth usage from your web server.

Keyword Reports

By using the Keyword Reports by Thexyz Network, you will get in depthanalysisof each and every search term, as well as historic records of how well you ranked over time. This willreflectanypositiveor negative search terms.

Thexyz Network is tightening the policy of accepting websites to our Publisher Program that have little or no original content. This will affect not only new websites but the ones that have already been part of our network.

A few weeks ago Google rolled out a made major change to its algorithm called Panda Update. By targeting "low quality" sites, Google wants to eliminate duplicate content practices that some webmasters implement to build their websites.

To ensure of our members after the arrival of Google's Panda Update. Post Panda research shows that websites with non-original content are downgraded in Google rankings as well as websites that are linking to them.

Here is some further reading into the reaction of the 'Panda Update.'

Google algorithm update goes global
Google Panda Update Tip: Remove Low-Quality Content
Google 'Panda' update downgrades UK tech sites - and Microsoft's Ciao

Copy and paste content that has been taken from other sites is no longer a good long-term strategy. Such websites rarely provide any value to internet users, and often distract from the search.

As the old goes, "content is king" and original content will allow you to increase your ranking organically. We're aware that not everyone is a copywriter and there are articles bought from brokers on many sites but as long as the content is unique, we're fine with it. You might want to look up e.g. if you'd like some expert editing.

Within the next weeks we'll be rejecting the already accepted websites with non-originalcontent. At the end of the day, we believe it'll lead to improvement of our network in the long run.

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