Thursday, 5 May 2011
While we may never know exactly how Google went about changing the index for 11.8% percent of search queries. By checking you stats over the past few months (January, February, March, April 2011) you can see if Google has reduced the number of page crawls.

You can check this in Google Webmaster Central

Alexa Stats

Your Alexa Stats page will show how popular your site has been over the past few months as well as monitor popular search terms. This can be helpful to determine if your popular competitive search phrases have been affected.


Not the most accurate way to check if you have been affected by the panda update, however if you have been flagged, you will notice a drop in bandwidth usage from your web server.

Keyword Reports

By using the Keyword Reports by Thexyz Network, you will get in depthanalysisof each and every search term, as well as historic records of how well you ranked over time. This willreflectanypositiveor negative search terms.


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