Thursday, 5 May 2011
Thexyz Network is tightening the policy of accepting websites to our Publisher Program that have little or no original content. This will affect not only new websites but the ones that have already been part of our network.

A few weeks ago Google rolled out a made major change to its algorithm called Panda Update. By targeting "low quality" sites, Google wants to eliminate duplicate content practices that some webmasters implement to build their websites.

To ensure of our members after the arrival of Google's Panda Update. Post Panda research shows that websites with non-original content are downgraded in Google rankings as well as websites that are linking to them.

Here is some further reading into the reaction of the 'Panda Update.'

Google algorithm update goes global
Google Panda Update Tip: Remove Low-Quality Content
Google 'Panda' update downgrades UK tech sites - and Microsoft's Ciao

Copy and paste content that has been taken from other sites is no longer a good long-term strategy. Such websites rarely provide any value to internet users, and often distract from the search.

As the old goes, "content is king" and original content will allow you to increase your ranking organically. We're aware that not everyone is a copywriter and there are articles bought from brokers on many sites but as long as the content is unique, we're fine with it. You might want to look up e.g. if you'd like some expert editing.

Within the next weeks we'll be rejecting the already accepted websites with non-originalcontent. At the end of the day, we believe it'll lead to improvement of our network in the long run.


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