Wednesday, 20 July 2011
Over the past two months we have made a number of necessary upgrades to ensure our services provided through Thexyz Network remain as impeccable as they can be. As traffic to our network has reached all time highs this year, we had to upgrade to a more powerful dedicated server which also lead us to improve our dedicated server plans through Thexyz Server, in a post I made last week you can read more of the technical details about the upgrades in: Better Hardware Specs For Dedicated Servers.

Support Ticketing System

In addition to our existing ticket system built in to our control panels at Thexyz Server, we have also launched a new support ticket system to serve publisher and advertisers of Thexyz Network, our Cloud subscribers and customers at Thexyz Hosting. We have increased our staff on both support systems and look forward to responding to your tickets. You can check the status of a ticket or submit a new one here:

Thexyz Network Youtube Channel

We have also uploaded and produced many tutorial videos showing users how to make the most of our services. We plan to upload another batch soon and have created a shortlink to get you there: The clips are short and I intend to take them further than just offering instruction for our services, but as well, the third-party scripts that we offer such as Wordpress, drupal and MyBB.


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