Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Email Password Update

We have noticed that email hosting customers at Thexyz do not comply with our new email password policy. While this stricter password policy has not yet been fully implemented, it will be implemented across all users on the 6th of September, 2011.

The new password policy is as follows

  • The password must contain at least 8 characters (and can be up to 32 characters long)

  • The password cannot contain elements of the email address in its exact form. For instance, if your email address were, then your password can not contain the words john or yourdomain

  • The password must contain at least one letter (a-z in upper or lowercase)

  • At least one number (0-9)


All users with non-compliant (weak) passwords will have their passwords automatically reset by the system. The updated password will be sent to your alternate email address.


All users with non-compliant passwords will receive an automated email on 1st September, 2011, reminding them to update their passwords.

Outbound Spam Protection

In order to reduce outbound spam on our servers and to maintain high delivery rates, we will be enabling Commtouch's Outbound Spam Protection on our servers from the 25th of August, 2011.


With this protection in place, all outbound mails classified as Spam will be rejected and the sender will receive a message for the same.

If you believe that the mail has been wrongly classified, you will have to raise a support ticket containing the email headers and email content. Our support team will then review the mail and make the necessary adjustments to ensure delivery.

It is also advisable to use mailing lists in case of bulk emails to avoid the risk of them being marked as spam.

We believe this change will help maintain the reputation of our secure email servers and ensure that your Customers receive the best service possible.


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