Tuesday, 6 September 2011

As part of our ongoing promotions, we are excited to announce that from October 2011, we shall be offering a free MobileView package with every .COM and .NET Registration.

What is MobileView?

MobileView is a platform for your customers to instantly Build a Mobile Optimized version of their websites.

MobileView offers complete customization within a Simplified Point-and-Click Interface to make all website information compatible on mobile devices.

Why Offer MobileView?

With more than 5 Billion Mobile Devices being used around the world, MobileView is the perfect way for your Customers to reach out and connect with potential clients.

By 2013, nearly 50% of all internet users are expected to use their mobiles to browse the web (source). MobileView offers your Customers an opportunity to prepare themselves for the future and start sharing a unique relationship with their clients.

In the meanwhile, do get in touch with your Account Managers if you have any queries. As always an account at Thexyz.info is included with all domain purchases through Thexyz Hosting.

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