Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thexyz Network Version 3.0 is here !!

After a solid 6 months of development, our talented team of developers, programmers, and engineers have released the latest version. This has been a major upgrade for pretty much all of our services. There will be more details to follow but here is a summary:

  • - Our cloud backup service has been updated with a new software package.

  • - Minor bug fixes and updates through ScriptDorks.

  • - Complete system upgrade and complete social media integration with yahoo, facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin and friendster.

  • - Update pending

  • Thexyz Server - Our dedicated server specs have been increased as well as new content.

  • Thexyz Hosting - New domains added for sale, accepting pre-orders on .XXX domains, multi-domain hosting packages added, new site content and marketing tools for resellers.

  • Thexyz Directory - We added another directory.

  • Thexyz Network - Major site upgrade to both publishers and advertisers, introducing Twitter and Facebook Advertising as well as a Backlink marketplace. More to come...

More information on each of the upgrades will be posted soon.


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