Tuesday, 4 October 2011
Over the past week or so you may have noticed that some major updates at Thexyz Network have gone live. After a solid 6 months of development, we have finally released version 3.0 of our Ad Server.

Some of the new features allow you to further monetize your web presence by serving ads and back links on your website, social profile or Twitter feed. Even if your not looking at selling ads on your website, you can now sell them on your Twitter profile, or just sell some links on a certain page within your site.

As well as selling links on your page you can also purchase them on other website that are relevant to yours. This is a great way of increasing your page rank. You can browse the Site Directory to see some of our publishers that have added their website profiles to start selling backlinks, Twitter mentions, blog posts and CPM ads.

You can get started by adding as many URL's as you own within your control panel at www.thexyznetwork.com. Once approved, advertising users will be able to purchase posts, links or ads on your site. Once you have approved the mapping and so too has an admin, then you will be credited. If the link or post does not remain active for the required period of one year then the money will be refunded to advertiser.

Click here for a full list of the new Ad Sever 3.0 features.

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