Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Become an affiliate of Thexyz and earn

It is throughout efforts of our affiliates and resellers that have enabled Thexyz to grow into a world renowned Web services company with tens of thousands of clients. We have many different programs that we offer you and this page will help you get started.

What happened to Thexyz Affiliate program?

Thexyz affiliate program is can be found here.

We also offer individual in-house managed affiliate platforms through the ScriptDorks family. Each sale through an affiliate on any of our Dorks network of sites is automatically awarded a 30% commission. See below as to what products you can promote:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you automatically know when I have successfully referred someone?

Once you have signed up you will be given a unique affiliate ID and affiliate url. Anyone that makes a purchase through your link will automatically earn you a commission.

How do I get paid?

Affiliate payments are made on the first of each month once your balance has reached $50.

Start your own business as a reseller of Thexyz

Our reseller program is for our affiliates that what to maximize earnings through an advanced ready made white labelled billing platform. Our reseller platform is state of the art and allows you to resell our products and services as if you are the provider. It is fully white labelled and there is no mention of Thexyz.

Features include:
  • Your own brandable Web store to resell our products and services
  • Powerful administration area to manage and edit the content and html of the store
  • Automated billing platform that takes care of the billing for you
  • White labelled automated email notifications for your clients
  • Manage your own email newsletter
  • Ability to set your own prices and control your profits margins
  • Fully hosted by us meaning you save money from buying you own server or hosting.
  • Offer discount coupons to your clients

Who is suitable for this program?

  • Web designers
  • Web service providers can grow their product offerings
  • Anyone looking to invest in a new business can do so with next to no capital and a small investment of time.
  • Graphic designers and printers often help with new business setups making this platform perfect to complement existing product offerings.

Take a tour of the features here

You can sign up free for the reseller program here but we do recommend purchasing a few domains for your brand. This will add to making your sites look even more professional. It will also make it more desirable to potential buyer if you choose to sell your reseller business at some later date.

If you like the idea of earning a residual recurring income with us providing the services under your own brand then feel free to schedule a meeting, Skype call or sign up and getting started today here.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

iPhones now have approximately 30% of the UK and US smart phone market and a higher percentage of our user want to access their files from their iPhones.

Our app  can be downloaded from the app store here or by visiting this page on your iPhone. The application will allow you to access your files from your iPhone or your iPad. Below we have listed the top 5 application features;

Video & Music streaming - Nearly any movie or music file placed on the cloud can be streamed directly to an iPhone. No need to download, your customers can simply click play on the file and start watching or listening

Access all of your files on the move – All files stored in your briefcase can be accessed securely from your iPhone. This will truly allow you to access your data from anywhere at any time.

Upload files to the cloud – You can now upload your images and videos from your iPhone straight to the cloud. This will prevent you from losing your data even if you misplace their phone.

Access your files offline – One extra addition we have added to the app is our offline feature. You will be able to select which files are their favourites and you can then access these without a WiFi or 3G signal.

Open your office documents – view your documents, spreadsheets, PDF files and more, directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

We are happy to inform you about our plans to migrate all web hosting accounts in our data center in California (Peer1) to a more advanced cloud hosting platform.


This major change will require moving all accounts to a more capable data center facility that responds to all requirements of the new system. Currently, we are close to sealing a deal with a data center in Las Vegas, but there is also a possibility that all accounts be moved to our data center in Chicago.


The new cloud hosting system fully developed by us, will offer a more balanced hosting environment for your sites and will guarantee you faster execution speeds. The server migration will be carried out till the end of January 31st, 2013, as we are currently working on a schedule to list all servers and their migration dates.


We'll keep you updated on this matter.
Wednesday, 26 September 2012

There is a multitude of website promotion techniques that you can implement to better market your website offerings and increase your traffic among potential and existing customers. You may decide to adopt any of these promotion strategies alone, but for maximum results we highly recommend that you make use of all of them. Some can work better than others, but if developed correctly, all of them will produce results that will be well worth the effort.

Submit your website to major web directories

Web directories are websites that list submitted website URLs by category. The links submitted to a web directory are gathered, reviewed and arranged in a particular order by people. Dmoz and Yahoo are considered as the best and most popular human-edited directories on the World Wide Web, and therefore they rank as the first most widely trusted and relied on traffic sources. Since these directories receive thousands of submissions every day, it's very often quite difficult to get into their listings. It may take several months until your website is reviewed and listed.

You can choose to use the paid listing option Yahoo offers for faster inclusion. There are also many other free directories, and we have compiled quite an extensive list on our forum here. It has been shown that it's much better if you post your website's link into as many free directories as possible.

Use appropriate keywords in your meta tags

People search the Internet by searching for information, to make this more relevant, meta and alt tags help search engines to index content. To start their search they usually use words that explain best their search phrase. You should think about what people that want to find your content will search for when creating your tags.

Make link exchange deals with similar websites

Reciprocal links are one of the most common and effective forms of website promotion. Before making a link exchange deal, you should first find a good partnering website. A good partner has website content that attracts visitors that will also have an interest in your website.

After you've found a suitable link exchange partner, you need to contact the webmasters of the website, informing them that you run a site with similar topics, and that you are interested in making a link exchanging deal between the two websites. You should first post the link of the partner's website onto your web store, then inform the other website of the posting and send them the URL to review their promotion. Finally - simply ask them to return the favour by linking back to your website. If you never get a reply of this particular website, or your proposal gets a refusal, do not give up this promotion method, but invest more search efforts to find the right partner.

Post in Blogs/Forums

Find popular blogs or forums related to your  business area and post relevant comments on as many of them as you can. Remember that quality blogs/forums do not tolerate spamming activities, so make sure you are bringing plenty of value to each before posting any links.

Add a comment on articles

Search for highly ranked article submission websites and post informative reviews about your web hosting company. Try to find also some good ranked articles and see if they will allow you to share your views on the topics discussed and send comments on the article. If you are able to, you will get free back links from them, since most will ask for your website's URL when you are submitting the contents of your posting. Once your comments appear on the articles website, your URL will automatically be posted and start to lead readers to your web store.

Write newsletter articles

Writing a catchy newsletter directing your followers, fans, friends or subscribers to your latest news post is a great way to direct many visitors to your site in a short amount of time.

Start using email signatures

Using an email signature is free and easy to setup. You can set this on your email client, webmail and smart phone, so regardless of where you send an email from, the signature is always the same.

Banner Advertising

It works, but only when well figured out! Banner ads are usually annoying to the visitors of any website. A well placed banner ad, however, on a website which has content relevant with your  business area, is much more likely to attract visitors to your website than a banner ad placed at random.

The main purpose of your banner is to get people to click on it, so enticing users with free deals and coupons codes is a great way to start. Your message should be very brief and right to the point. You will have no more than a sentence to persuade the viewer to visit your website. Make sure to use immediately engaging phrases to intrigue the viewer to quickly visit your website. Use a noticeable font size to attract their attention and clarify a valuable reason why the viewer should click on your banner.

Start a YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel is a great example of a successful channel that not only provides a valuable resource to our clients, but also attracts new customers to our platform. For our channel we have created mostly tutorial videos but you could create interviews by getting a friend to ask you questions about your product or service.

Submit a sitemap.xml

A sitemap.xml file and robots.txt are standard ways to tell search which content to index and which to not. There are many resources online that will be able to help you create these files, otherwise we recommend using the services of TweakDorks to have it done for you.
We wish you all the best in your efforts and remember that promoting your site may take a considerable period of time until you achieve satisfactory results, however do your best, and if you need further consultation, do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable support team at Thexyz who will be more than happy to assist you.
Thursday, 20 September 2012
Today we have released a new version of Thexyz cloud Backup software for Windows and Mac OS X. The new 1.9.2 version of the program is now fully compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and includes a selection of backend performance upgrades. This is a two part upgrade that will rolled out automatically to all our customers. You can upgrade the software anytime from now and we we make final upgrades on Monday September 24th.

What has changed in Thexyz Cloud App 1.9.2?

Thexyz Cloud App 1.9.2 contains a range of benefits over previous versions including the following:


  • Updated installer

  • Improved file checking during upload/download

  • Uninstaller allows removal of cached Briefcase files

  • Improved SOCKS integration

  • Plus other minor bug fixes

Mac OSX:

  • Compatible with GateKeeper

  • Improved uninstaller

  • More coherent context menu status update

  • Plus other minor bug fixes

If you have any problems with the latest version of our desktop software please contact our support department by going to http://www.thexyz.com/support/ and submitting a ticket. Additional we have posted video tutorials on our Support Forum showing how to update the software yourself.
Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In response to your helpful feedback, we have made some improvements to the top drop-down menu in the Control Panel at Thexyz Server. It now features a totally reworked back-end, which will allow for the drop-down menu to be available under any Operating System, device or platform (including Apple's iPad/iPhone).

Another update to the menu is that when you hover over a menu item, a short text will be displayed describing what you can do in the respective section. This will help you to quickly find your way to the action that you want to perform at the moment.

We have also prepared several new tools for the Web Hosting Control Panel, so stay tuned.
Sunday, 2 September 2012

This September, Thexyz invites you to get ready for the largest Promotional Event of the Year – Our Mega Bargains Month!

Between September 1st and 30th 2012, you will get 14 of the world’s Top TLDs at unbeatable prices.

Click here to visit Thexyz Hosting and order your domain name today.

.ORG @ $9.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.CO @ $14.99 $29.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

Free 6 Months Hosting
With Every New .NET Registration
Ends 31st Dec 2012

.PRO @ $8.99 $18.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.CA @ $12.99 $16.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.ASIA @ $9.99 $24.99

Ends 31st Oct 2012

.MOBI @ $14.99 $24.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.INFO @ $4.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.IN @ $12.99 $18.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.AU @ $14.99 $19.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.DE @ $7.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.ES @ $11.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.US @ $9.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

.EU @ $4.99 $14.99

Ends 30th Sep 2012

 Order your domain name today at... Thexyz Hosting

Friday, 24 August 2012

Our new venture has been born through a joint partnership with ScriptDorks which Thexyz acquired last year. "TweakDorks", will be the service division of both ScriptDorks and Thexyz for not only our in house developed software but third party web software too.


Through providing support the thousands of website owners each month, we have grown to understand the types of services that website owners require. We have also learnt a lot about the bad experiences that they have through using third party web developers. We have worked very hard on building relationships with our partners recently and this includes a large network of trusted developers. Through this network we are able to provide efficient, tailored web services to suit all kinds of users.


The process takes away deceptive quotes by breaking down each desired website change into a series of 'tweaks.' This makes it easier for the client to pick and choose the adjustments that they desire to have done.

By charging $25 per tweak, we hope to not only make the web design industry more efficient, but also more affordable.


Over the past few weeks we have launched our TweakDorks service in beta and received nothing but positive reviews from our clients. We continue to welcome your testimonials and any feedback you may to help us in providing the highest level of service we can.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Get 6 months of Personal Hosting FREE with every .NET Domain Name. This promo is available only through Thexyz Hosting from 14th August, 2012 to 31st December, 2012.

Why .NET?

.NET is the ideal gTLD that offers your Customers the perfect alternative for a Domain name not available on other TLDs.

.NET is also one of the fastest growing Domain names, where millions of businesses have decided to bring their ideas to life online. It offers a credible identity that is recognizable across the globe.
Order today only through www.thexyzhosting.com
Sunday, 12 August 2012

Since more WordPress users are becoming victims of malicious hacks which is usually occurring to users using older versions of wordpress. It is becoming increasingly important to keep vulnerable themes/plugins installed up to date. As well as follow the steps in this guide to reduce the risk of you becoming the next victim.

User's are reminded to follow these instructions to maintain a secure WordPress install.

  1. Keep a regular backup

  2. Manually upgrade the WordPress version to the latest version.

  3. Remove any vulnerable themes and plugins that are out of date or no longer used, also update them too.

  4. Read the additional security measures listed below and on our forum.

The latest version of wordpress available is 3.4.1. However you cannot upgrade  to the latest version via your server control panel. So if you are using older versions of wordpress, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest wordpress version. The following article will help you to upgrade the wordpress version: http://codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPress you can also watch this video.
Remember to keep a full website backup before attempting to update your wordpress software.

In addition to the above, please note the following security measures to prevent your wordpress sites from hacks.

Issue 1:

Did your site get hacked even after upgrading the wordpress version to latest version 3.4.1 and removing vulnerable themes/plugins?


We found sites being hacked by editing the wordpress theme-editor. To fix this, you can disable the wordpress theme editing option by inserting the following line in wp-config.php file.

Issue 2:

Site was hacked due to using an outdated version.


It is very important for you to keep your WordPress software up to date, to see how Thexyz can help assist you with this please see the bottom of this post.

Issue 3:

Alternately, sites can also get hacked if your WordPress admin login credentials are compromised.


In this case, if the hackers are still logged in to your blog then resetting your wordpress admin password won't help you. This is because their cookies are still valid. To disable them, you have to create a new set of secret keys. Please Visit the WordPress key generator https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ to obtain a new random set of keys so that you can overwrite the values in your wp-config.php file with the new ones: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Security_Keys

You can also do wordpress hardening by referring to this link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress

What does Thexyz do to help?

Whilst we do ensure our own systems are secure, we have seen sites become infected through the use of third party applications and plugins.  There isn't any additional precaution or safely measure that we can place on the server-side to fix this, and we do what we can to support and educate customers on any potential threats. We do also offer an additional weekly backup services for backing up your server automatically for just $6.99 per month. This way you just have to take care of the updates yourself.

What if I cannot manage WordPress updates myself?

If you can manage to check email then, you can update your wordress. We offer video tutorials from backing up to upgrading on our Youtube Channel.

Can you do this for me?

At Thexyz we can take care of keeping your server secure, server OS up to date, automatically backed up with a managed service, but this does not include keeping the third party applications you choose to install on the server up to date. We have now developed TweakDorks that can take care of the process for you for the reasonable price of $25: http://www.tweakdorks.com/shop/wordpress-updates/

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one below or contact your account manager.

Friday, 10 August 2012

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thexyz Cloud is now available through an open access app in the Apple App Store. You can now view your photos, videos, music and documents on the Open Access App from your iPhone or iPad. With the app you can:

  • Open your office documents – view your documents, spreadsheets, PDF files and more, directly on your iPhone or iPad.

  • View your photos – admire all of your photos on the iPad’s magnificent display, or carry them in your pocket on your iPhone.

  • Listen to your music – all of the music that you’ve got on your account is now instantly available on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Watch your videos – even the videos you’ve stored on your account are instantly available on your iPad or iPhone.

Download this App free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store

Have a look at these screenshots running Thexyz Cloud on the iPhone App

The App allows for more features than the standard mobile app

Stream music from your computer without storing it on your iPhone

Access all the files on your iPhone without actually storing them on the iPhone.

 Download this App free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store
Thursday, 2 August 2012

We are excited to announce that .PRO, the exclusive TLD for professionals, has been added to our product offering at Thexyz Hosting with one of the best promos we have this summer. You can now register your very .PRO Domains at just $4.99 until August 31st, 2012.


Why .PRO?

In a world that demands Professionalism and Credibility, a .PRO Domain helps strengthen brand authentication. You can now secure .PRO Domains as the perfect accompaniment to boost your professional stature.
With every .PRO Domain Name Registered, you can also enjoy free DNS and email forwarding.

Special Introductory Price

You now get .PRO Domains at this amazing promo price till 31st August, 2012.

We will also include any WordPress Theme, Blogger Template or HTML Template from ThemeDorks free of charge.
Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Now that ongoing development of the Mozilla Thunderbird has come to end with the reason being it is no longer a priority, the email client is about to become more open to security vulnerabilities. Making this a great time to change your email client to one that can offer the necessary peace of mind that ongoing development delivers. Even if you are quite satisfied with Outlook or Mac Mail, it is worth taking a look at these alternatives.

Seamonkey - http://www.seamonkey-project.org/

Seamonkey is a Mozilla based email client that also provides a number of other web applications. Supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Eudora OSE - https://wiki.mozilla.org/Eudora_OSE

EudoraOSE is a free-to-use derivative of the Eudora mail client that uses Thunderbird code with additional code, features and UI elements from Qualcomm's Eudora client. Supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Zimbra - http://www.zimbra.com/

A great thing about Zimbra is the fact that it can integrate social media into your email client. It also has some really nice features that seem to set it apart from the rest in more ways than one. Supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

eM Client - http://www.emclient.com/

eM Client is a lot more similar to Thunderbird than Sea Monkey. As well as support for syncing multiple accounts, it offers calendar, tasks and widget tools, and has a way to link into instant messaging. This one only work with Windows.

Thursday, 5 July 2012
Modification to WHOIS Information

As part of the efforts involved in restructuring the company, we have added another white-labeled Registrar, ClickRegistrar, to conduct business. We will be temporarily Registering, Renewing and Transferring Domains for some TLDs through ClickRegistar from 11th July, 2012.


For some TLDs, the WHOIS information for Domains that are Registered, Renewed or Transferred-In after 11th July, will have ClickRegistrar as the Registrar on Record. All existing Domains will continue to have PublicDomainRegistry as the Registrar on Record.

Please Note: There will be no changes to the prices you will be charged or the Registration, Renewal or Transfer process.

In the last couple of months we have been working on cementing a perfect structure for accounting, reporting and legal processes that would allow us to continue offering you the quality of products and services at the prices that we have been offering, for years to come.

We recognize that there might be a certain amount of confusion created by these changes but we want to assure you that these changes are absolutely necessary and are being carried out keeping your best interests in mind.

Revamping System-Generated Mails

In order to streamline a better checkout experience for you, we will soon be revamping our current system-generated emails.

Currently, the purchase process generates three mails in succession: Details of 'Pending Invoice', 'Invoice Paid' and 'Purchase Completed'. To ensure that your Customers are never overwhelmed with too many emails, we will be discontinuing the ‘Invoice Paid’ Email.

The ‘Purchase Completed’ mail will support your Customer’s invoice that has been paid for.

We will be modifying the content of the ‘Details of Pending Invoice’ mail to explicitly mention that the invoice needs to be paid for to activate the order.

Domain Name Suggestion Tool and free domain tools

Unlike other domain registries, we offer the most free services with our domains and include free privacy protection with each and every order. This helps to maintain your privacy and prevent email spam by masking your public WHOIS details. Our new and improved Domain Name Suggestion Tool will help you find and register good domain names. Enter the word / phrase / domain name that you are looking for in the search box and click on the "Suggest" button to generate a list of suggested domain names that are available to register.

Reseller Hosting Windows

After three months of rigorous beta testing with over to 60 Resellers, we are excited to announce that Reseller Hosting on Windows servers with Plesk and WHMCS will be going Live on Wednesday, 11th July 2012. Stay tuned for more information.

Friday, 29 June 2012
With Apple still struggling to cope with the Flashback Trojan, Mac users are now realizing their need for antivirus protection. The latest avast! Free Antivirus for Mac (free) boasts a new GUI and automatic updates. It scans for malware on demand and in real time, and offers the bonus of Web reputation reporting.

Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection comes in the form of three shields. The Web Shield ensures that you don't accidentally download malicious files. File System Shield checks all files on access. A malicious file that tries to launch will get quarantined instead. The Mail Shield checks your email communications and quashes any malicious attachments.

You can view the level of activity for each shield in a real-time graph, or dig into reports on exactly what actions have been taken. Popup notifications keep you apprised of the program's protective activities in real time. You can control popups to just show critical messages and set how long they stay on your screen.

Web Reputation

The web reputation browser button displays a red or green icon for sites with an overall bad or good reputation.

Reputation information comes from users like you. When you click the button you can rate the site on a five-step scale from bad to good and also tag it with any of five good and five bad attributes. The browser button's icon also shows whether the site has a low, medium, or high number of votes.

Avast! Free Antivirus for Mac is available as a free download at: http://ptoone.thexyz.net/item/36ab9f5b98ce4f4bbcd55d3ad29d3dcc

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