Tuesday, 7 February 2012
Safer Internet DayThis February 7th 2012 is Safer Internet Day, we thought we would remind you about some of your duties and responsibilities as computer users.

Did you know that..?

  • 26 per cent of children report having a public social networking profile.

  • Most computers are vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking.

  • Over 75 per cent of computers are not backed up.

  • Children of all ages are lacking digital skills –confidence is often not matched by skill!

  • One in eight parents don’t seem to mediate their children’s online activities.

Managed Services

Do you backup your server regularly? Are you using a certified SSL certificate? When was the last time you upgraded your server OS? If you haven't done this in a while or are relying on a web developer to do it for you. You may want to take a look at our low cost Managed Services. With full server weekly backup at just $6.99 per month and full Managed Service at just $16.99 per month, including the following.

  • Full Weekly Backup

  • Weekly OS Update

  • Monitoring & Rebooting

  •  Installation & Troubleshooting (30 minutes)

  • You can order a backup or managed service through your server control panel or via this page.

Authorized to Support + Resell Avast!

Recently Thexyz Network became certified to supply and support Avast! security software, this means instead of buying a lisence directly from Avast, you can buy it from Thexyz Network and recieve additional value added services, such as:

  • Sold at the same price as Avast.

  • Get support from both Avast and Thexyz Support Staff.

  • Thexyz Support Staff will install the software remotely for you.

  • Through Thexyz Network, Avast now has an affiliate program.

  • Order and download yours today here.

Backup Your Data

We are getting ready to launch our new and improved Cloud Backup Agent, so for $9.95 per month, you get peace of mind and secure access to your files from any internet connected phone, computer or tablet.

Don't let yourself become a victim of weak cyber security and contact us to discuss your online security today.


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