Friday, 18 May 2012
The .US Registry has introduced two new compliance policies that are identical to the ones that have been laid down by the .COM and .NET Registry. The following policies are already in place:

Policy for Deletions during Add Grace Period:

The .US Registry has laid down a policy that specifies the percentage of Add Grace Period Deletions that will be refunded in a certain month.

This percentage represents a large number of Domains in our case and you should not face any issue regarding this new policy. However, though unlikely, there might be a scenario where we will not able to offer you a refund for deletions carried out during the AGP.

WHOIS Data Reminder Policy:

As part of this policy change, the WHOIS Data Reminder Mail for .US Domains is now compulsory and will be sent to Registrants once every six months from the date of Registration.

This email will be identical to the WHOIS Data Reminder mails that are currently sent for .COM and .NET Domains.

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