Wednesday, 6 June 2012
While the short answer for many websites is a no, there are time when you need to look into investing in the fifty bucks or so it costs year to get a certified SSL for your website.

Here are some examples when it is a good idea to turn your website, into a secure website.

E-Commerce websites

The number one concern of anyone who is shopping online is always security. Whilst most websites make use of third party payment processors to handle the security of payments, rendering a SSL certificate redundant for this purpose, it does help with buyer confidence. If a potential buyer can see that the connection to a website is a secure one and also that it has been secured by an third party, then it helps in allowing that buyer to trust your site.

Email providers have increased trust to your domain

If you are having issues with people receiving your emails it may not be an issue with the server where your emails are hosted but instead it could be an issue with Internet Service Providers trusting your IP or domain with sending email through an encrypted connection. SSL opens up new ports to send mail through and while you do not need an SSL certificate to send mail through but it can help some ISP's trust your email accounts resulting in slightly more reliable email service.

Collecting user information

If you are collecting any user information and storing it on your web server you will need to use an SSL Certificate.

A trusted domain name

If you care about the integrity of your domain and want it trusted by all sources then a SSL certificate is the way to go.

How can I set up an SSL certificate?

Setting up an SSL is simple when ordered through Thexyz as an authorized reseller of AlphaSSL and Comodo digital certificates, we can take care of the whole process for you. As always you are guaranteed by a 30 money back warranty.

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