Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thexyz Cloud is now available through an open access app in the Apple App Store. You can now view your photos, videos, music and documents on the Open Access App from your iPhone or iPad. With the app you can:

  • Open your office documents – view your documents, spreadsheets, PDF files and more, directly on your iPhone or iPad.

  • View your photos – admire all of your photos on the iPad’s magnificent display, or carry them in your pocket on your iPhone.

  • Listen to your music – all of the music that you’ve got on your account is now instantly available on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Watch your videos – even the videos you’ve stored on your account are instantly available on your iPad or iPhone.

Download this App free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store

Have a look at these screenshots running Thexyz Cloud on the iPhone App

The App allows for more features than the standard mobile app

Stream music from your computer without storing it on your iPhone

Access all the files on your iPhone without actually storing them on the iPhone.

 Download this App free for iPad and iPhone in the App Store


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