Thursday, 31 January 2013

Users of Thexyz Cloud know how easy it is to backup your computers safely online – ensuring that files are protected whatever happens. But if you don’t store your files on your computer, and instead keep them on a server, network storage device or NAS, then you may wish to back them up too.

If you’re a business customer then you can start backing up your NAS devices straight away with the new software – simply right click on the Thexyz icon near your clock and select Manage Backups. You can now select entire mapped network drives to add to your backups:

If you’re a home user then you’ll need to add the NAS device to your account before you can add it through the software. Simply login to your web portal and go to Account Settings. From this screen you can add NAS devices to your account – and after that you can add your devices through Manage Backups.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

In the early days of email, spam was just annoying. Now, it’s dangerous. Last year, 75% of businesses reported virus infections from incoming email. Email is now the most common entry point for network threats like viruses, Trojans, and worms. Lost productivity from checking and deleting spam and the expense of calling in the IT department to fix and recover lost data costs over $20 billion a year.

Keeping spam out of your business is not an easy or cheap task. The software licenses alone are expensive. Add to that constant maintenance to ensure protection against emerging threats. With Thexyz, you get exceptional support and affordable, feature-rich business email and the strongest threat detection structure in the industry. We combined the best of our threat scanning capabilities with industry leaders in spam and virus protection. Before a message enters your mailbox, it undergoes four independent, threat blocking scans: 

Email Threat Block 1: 
Our team of email experts developed the Gatekeeper scan to evaluate a message’s compliance with rigorous, internationally recognized technical standards. Messages are also checked against aggregated blacklists of known spam offenders.

Email Threat Block 2: 
Utilizing user feedback and enhanced pattern matching, Message Sniffer seamlessly annihilates over 98% of spam in real time.

Email Threat Block 3: 
Advanced Message Fingerprinting from Cloudmark is strong enough to annihilate spam and accurately identify virus attacks. Plus, we added CommTouch’s thorough spam filters, featuring Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology.

Email Threat Block 4: 
Incorporating a three-layer virus scan on all incoming messages, Clam AV targets deceptive measures senders use to mask viruses, compares the message against known virus definitions, and evaluates attachments for possible viruses. Maintaining this comprehensive level of threat protection could cost you thousands of dollars a month to maintain. As a Thexyz customer, these protections are included with every mailbox you add.
Monday, 28 January 2013

Your email should be infinitely scalable. The ability to add or remove mailboxes, handle jumps in email traffic, and send and receive on demand are integral elements of what you get with Thexyz. From end to end, we plan our systems to accommodate your usage no matter how big or small.

We Plan for Your Business Expansion 
Whether you’re adding 5 or 5,000 mailboxes, Thexyz has the system architecture in place to scale to your needs. How? Advanced software design and servers in multiple data centers feature massive amounts of excess capacity.

We Plan for High Traffic Spikes 
When email traffic spikes, you won’t miss a message because your server chokes on the increased volume. Load-balanced, clustered, single-purpose servers support inbound and outbound traffic. On demand, we tap into reserve server capacity to manage message volume.

We Plan for Accessible Email
Your mail data lives on servers with an identical twin. In case of an outage or disaster, you have two live copies of mail data immediately available and an offline backup. Our servers sense failures and quickly divert traffic to the operational twin server.

Get your email on our secure email servers today.
Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Thexyz Forum goes mobile

Many forum users have asked for it and last week I too tested the Tapatalk forum app out last week. I was quite impressed at how well it worked so I enabled to same integration to Thexyz Forum.

You can visit on your device where you will be prompted to download the app or visit the direct page below. The cost for the App is $2.99 and it also works with other forum software so you can communicate with all your forums in one place.

Get the App for:





Monday, 7 January 2013

In the past week we have successfully upgraded one of our core network switches for Thexyz Premium Webmail. The switch was completed within seconds and due to backup measures, resulted in no downtime. The results are very good - about 3 to 5 times increase in speed compared to the old network switch. Now our customers enjoy sending 50MB attachments in email within seconds and also have 25GB email accounts.

This switch upgrade was done to ensure the upmost reliability for our premium email at Thexyz. This also makes a number of improvements to mobile mail settings. You can add mobile sync to your email account for a premium subscription and this will enable push mail that is not available on smartphones like the iPhone and Android.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

We are all starting a new year and we are starting this year with a new backup server. This is being added as an additional backup to ensure our premium email services remains online during any issues that could occur.

Web portal maintenance: January 2nd 2013 10pm EST/January 3rd 2013 3AM

We are scheduling a changeover to the main DNS server that for a short period of time may result in the webmail and cloud web portals being unavailable for some users for a short period of time. To ensure your can still access your webmail and cloud portal we have setup additional sites via the new server. There will also be no downtime for email or cloud backup. Emails will continue to be sent and received during the propagation period.

  • If you cannot access you can access webmail via

  • If you do have an issue accessing webmail/cloud portals, try refreshing cache as this will likely solve the problem. Not sure how to flush cache?

  • Most users will not even notice the changeover, there will be no interruption in service, just accessing web portals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your email support team.

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