Thursday, 31 January 2013

Users of Thexyz Cloud know how easy it is to backup your computers safely online – ensuring that files are protected whatever happens. But if you don’t store your files on your computer, and instead keep them on a server, network storage device or NAS, then you may wish to back them up too.

If you’re a business customer then you can start backing up your NAS devices straight away with the new software – simply right click on the Thexyz icon near your clock and select Manage Backups. You can now select entire mapped network drives to add to your backups:

If you’re a home user then you’ll need to add the NAS device to your account before you can add it through the software. Simply login to your web portal and go to Account Settings. From this screen you can add NAS devices to your account – and after that you can add your devices through Manage Backups.


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