Friday, 31 May 2013

Almost all businesses rely on a schedule or calendar to manage and book appointments

As a business grows this calendar may need to be securely shared with a secretary or assistant. There is also the need to have the calendar make use of the latest technology and integrate with as many different devices and platforms as possible.

With Thexyz Premium Webmail a powerful calendar application is included that many businesses use to run their business.

Just what are some of the features businesses are using with Thexyz Premium Webmail?

Shared Calendars 
Sharing a calendar with multiple team members withing the same domain as you is easy and allows additional collaboration features such as allowing multiple users to make and edit appointment in a specific calendar.

Sharing Appointments With Third Parties 
Say you have booked an appointment for a client that you know can be a slightly forgetful and unorganised, well you can add the event to their calendar. You can need to make sure they have a email address and preferable a smart phone. You can also set reminder notifications that will beep or vibrate (depending on users settings) at a set interval before the appointment. Perhaps a day before or a few hours before.

Additional Fields 
The additional fields in the calendar application collect additional information that can be integrated into different calendars and schedulers. This information can include, a location, attendees, start and end time and so fourth.

Multiple Calendars And Colour Codes 
You can add as many calendars as you like and set them as either private or shared. You can also create different colour codes for a particular event. These colour codes can be then be organised into different priorities or either personal or business events. It is up to how you use the colour codes of events. It is optional but will help you later when you are referencing a particular type of event.

Calendar Migration From Third Party Service 
If you are currently using Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail, we can perform a migration of your current calendars and ensure all data is imported to Thexyz.

If you have a case study story about how Thexyz Premium Email and Calendar Apps have helped you and your business, please let us know and we will feature the post on our case studies blog.
Thexyz Calendar Webmail

If you would like to learn more about Thexyz Webmail Calendar, click here

Friday, 10 May 2013

We have now fully migrated the servers at our US data center over to our new cloud hosting platform with a main goal to minimize all possible downtimes and to offer a significant increase in the performance of both Thexyz Server Control Panel and your website. Here is just a short list of the benefits you will enjoy in our US data center with the new cloud platform:

Greater Service Stability

We store different services (emails, MySQL databases, etc.) on different servers so as to make our overall platform less vulnerable to hack/DDoS attacks.

Faster Servers

We have recently upgraded our network to 10 Gbps, which means that our servers are faster than ever and so will be your website

Speedy Maintenance

By ensuring spare servers, we have simplified server maintenance procedures and hence minimized frustrating service interruptions and downtimes

Migration to SSDs

All web hosting users who are using less than 1 GB of storage space are now located on fast SSDs. This means that they will enjoy much faster read/write speeds and faster website speeds. We are planning to move all cloud hosting accounts to SSDs as well.

Web accelerators (Memcached, Varnish, Node.js) 

Our web acceleration tools will help you boost the speed of your website even further.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Backing up email is an integral aspect to email management.

In many cases today constant email backup is required by law for government institutions, for that reason it is important to know your email is being backed up a retained.

Incoming and outgoing email is equally important

It is not just all received email that should be backed up, but all sent email too. For this to happen effectively mail needs to be constantly synchronised from multiple servers. This way if a crash or disaster takes place in one data center location, the data is immediately accessible via a separate location.

Unlimited data storage and no quotas

Email cannot be sent back to sender because the mailbox is full. The same needs to occur with backup too. With cloud server architecture a backup drive can never reach storage capacity. This will insure full data backup regardless of any storage restrictions.

Full Email compliance

In some cases it is not just educational institutes, government offices and educational organizations that are required by law to have FISMA compliant email but this is increasingly become more common in the private sector too. As email plays an increasingly important part for a business to operate, so too does the need to safely and securely backup the data.

Easy to search and find indexed email

With email archiving all email is not only stored but also easy to search and find. With improved search functions, users can quickly find any previous email also from shared email accounts too.

Thexyz Premium Email service offers a complete managed FISMA compliant email solution to provide secure email service for the private sector as well as government compliant email service, educational institution email service and healthcare provider healthcare email service.

Learn more about Thexyz Premium Email services.

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