Monday, 10 June 2013

If you are familiar with iCloud and iTunes then your likely all too familiar with the seemingly odd restrictions imposed by Apple to help prevent copyright infringement. A problem is these restrictions are still in place even if you have purchased the audio tracks from the iTunes store. You may also find it hard to get the music from a Apple device to a non-Apple device. There is software available to copy your tracks from one device to another but it shouldn't be so difficult.

With Thexyz Cloud you can copy all your iTunes audio files to your cloud account with just a few clicks. The image below shows you what you need to do. Once installed, you can select "Manage Backups" or "Select files to backup" from Thexyz Cloud menu. From here you can easily navigate all the files (within their folders) on your computer. iTunes music files are usually saved in a folder called "music" or "media." You just have to click the check box beside the folder to automatically select all files withing that folder to be backed up. 

The audio tracks will then be automatically sent to your cloud backup drive.

You can access the files on the web or mobile portal as well as the the mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Create Multiple Music Playlists On Your Smart Phone

The application will then allow you to create multiple playlists that save on the application. This will not take any storage away from your phone or computer. The standard account at Thexyz Cloud comes with 512 GB of storage so you can add tens of thousands of songs if you wish.

The application on the mobile apps will sync with 100 MB of tracks that you regularly play or recently play or for a playlist. So this way when you do not have network coverage your tracks are available in a cache memory output.

The music players for the mobile applications work just like the native music player apps for both Android and iPhone. They have all the features included. With Thexyz Cloud you can have your music backed up and available anywhere you go. If you ever lose your phone or your computer crashes, you can rest assured your audio files will still be there.


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