Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Thexyz webmail mobile app released for Android

Thexyz now has a mobile application for all Android devices that allows instant push email on your Android phone. You can download the app here. Once downloaded you can login and instead of having to refresh your email to check for new messages,  email will arrive instantly when sent,  like a text message (SMS). Running through Microsoft's ActiveSync technology, Thexyz Webmail App ensures not only speedy delivery of your email, but also utmost reliability. 

There is also a lot more to the app than instant push email. It can also sync your contacts and calendar with the app and secure web portal. 

Thexyz Webmail removes the reliance on user ISP's or free services that all of sudden decide to shut their doors. Also if a phone handset is changed or lost,  the contacts, email and calendar is not as this is synced with your webmail. 

All you need is an active subscription to Thexyz to make use of this free app.

Also please remember to leave us a review of this app in the Google play store. 

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