Sunday, 24 November 2013

1965 - Email is introduced at MIT.

1971Raymond Tomlinson allegedly sent “QWERTYUIOP” as the first email message ever sent.

1977 - A standard format (RFC 733) is proposed to enable sending email across the internet.

1977 - U.S. Postal Service foresees email as a potential threat to mail volumes.

1981 - The American Standard Code for Information Interchange adopted a process of letters, punctuation and symbols to digitally store information.

1982 - First use of the word "email."

1985 - Most users of email are Government and military employees, students and academic professionals.

1988 - The first commercial email product, Microsoft Mail is released for the Mac.

1989 - CompuServe offers Internet connectivity and email to its subscribers.

1989 - IBM releases Lotus Notes 1.0.

1991 - Email spam begins.

1993 - BellSouth and IBM unveil Simon Personal Communicator, the world's first mobile phone with PDA features, including email capability.

1993 - AOL and Delphi connect their proprietary email systems to the Internet.

1992 - Microsoft Outlook for MS-DOS is released.

1996 - Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith launch "HoTMail," one of the first free Web-based email services.

1997 - Microsoft Outlook 97 is released, offering a central hub that includes email, scheduling, contact management, task management and a journal module.

1997 - Yahoo! introduces Yahoo! Mail.

1997 - Microsoft purchases Hotmail for approximately $400 million.

1998 - "You've Got Mail" premiers at the box office.

1998 - HTML and rich text formatting is introduced to email messages.

2000 -  Microsoft launches Outlook 2000 which includes the ability to incorporate personal, corporate and Web-based information in one place.

2000 - Microsoft introduces Entourage mail for Mac.

2004 - Google launches Gmail on April 1st.

2003 - The BlackBerry smartphone is introduced to the public.

2004 - The Federal Trade Commission passes email spam laws.

2011 - Associated Press Stylebook changes "e-mail" to email.

2012 - In the United States, 90 million Americans access email through a mobile device, with 64% of them doing it on a daily basis.

2013 - There are more than 3 billion email accounts across the globe, and approximately 294 billion emails are sent per day.

Sources: Microsoft, Mashable, Macworld, AP Stylebook, Wikipedia.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Thexyz Server have added the latest stable release of PHP to Thexyz Server web hosting Control Panel. 

You can now use the current stable version (5.4.21), PHP 5.5.5, as well as the two legacy versions,“ PHP 5.4.21 and PHP 5.3.27.

These new PHP updates do not add any new functionality and are focused on polishing what is already available and on fixing reported bugs. The PHP 5.5.5 release, for example, addresses more than 20 reported bugs, whereas PHP 5.4.21 contains 10 bug fixes.

As for PHP 5.3.27, this will be the last official update, no new bugs will be fixed in the future, except for security fixes. The latest regular release of the PHP 5.3.X branch brings 10 bug fixes, including a security fix for the XML parser. We will continue to offer PHP 5.3.27, but keep in mind that the PHP team advises users to migrate to the newer PHP 5.5.X and PHP 5.4.X branches.
Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Create Different Colour Coded Calendars

When you make a new calendar, it will automatically use a different colour just as it would in Outlook. This way you can add multiple calendars and sort different events whether they be personal, work or shared calendars. You can keep these calendars private or share them with others.

Set SMS Text Message Reminders

It is a great idea to spend some time to organize your email calendar, but if your calendar quickly fills up, you may find yourself missing certain appointments. The SMS text message reminder feature allows you to add your mobile number to receive an alert 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes all the way to hours and weeks before the event is scheduled. If you don't want to be bothered by so many text messages then you could just use the email reminder instead.

Set Reminders For Recurring Events

Save time by setting recurring events to remind you 30 minutes before they begin. If you are always forgetting to take care of annual tasks, or need reminding of a weekly task then recurring events will save you a lot of time.

Recurring Events

To avoid adding the same task for each Tuesday at 8am, set it to recur and then you just need to enter it once. You can also set how many times you wish the event or task to recur.
Sunday, 17 November 2013

Thexyz webmail mobile app released for iOS

Thexyz now has a mobile application for iPhone and iPad devices that allows instant push email on your iOS device. You can download the app from the Apple App Store. Once downloaded you can login and instead of having to refresh your email to check for new messages,  email will arrive instantly when sent,  like a text message (SMS). Running through Microsoft's ActiveSync technology, Thexyz Webmail App ensures not only speedy delivery of your email, but also utmost reliability. 

There is also a lot more to the app than instant push email. It can also sync your contacts and calendar with the app and secure web portal. 

Thexyz Webmail removes the reliance on user ISP's or free services that all of sudden decide to shut their doors. Also if a phone handset is changed or lost,  the contacts, email and calendar is not as this is synced with your webmail. 

All you need is an active subscription to Thexyz to make use of this free app.

Also please remember to leave us a review of this app in the Apple App Store. 

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