Sunday, 29 December 2013

If you ask any employee today, they will often complain that email is the blight of their workday. They are often overwhelmed and do not know how to deal with email effectively. These tips below can be applied to a heavy email user that is constantly keeping an eye on their inbox and responding to email all day to someone who just checks email once a day.

Create sub folders

If you receive a lot of mail from one person on an almost daily basis, you could automatically filter any mail from them into a sub folder. This way when they ask if you received the email from last Tuesday at lunchtime, you can easily check without having to go through all your emails. The folders also work great if you are doing business with a particular website. You could create as folder for the website any mail sent from that domain is automatically filtered there.

Keep on top of your spam settings

Spam levels have dropped a lot over the past few years thanks to the effort of multiple spam detection tools. It is still important to manage, and you can do so by, reporting the spam and block the sender from being able to penetrate your neatly organized inbox again. You can block a whole domain, email address or IP address via the spam blacklist.

Create aliases

An alias is like an additional email address that can be added or removed to save you using your real email address. This can be exceptionally handy for handling multiple email addresses within one email account. Maybe you don't want to give out your real email address, but need to ensure that you receive the emails sent to that address. This is just one example of when an email alias is suitable.

Use the email calendar

Email calendars are very powerful tools and often highly universal. Integrating with a variety of different devices and applications. They are secure and tied to your email account,  so if you lose your mobile phone or upgrade your computer, then you can rest assured that your email calendar will still be available. Many CEO's and successful, or motivated people credit their achievements to organization, setting goals and making appointments like this are great way to start. Within an email calendar you can categorize tasks and events by colour, set them to occur over on a weekly, monthly our annual basis. You can also set reminders through email or sms and invite others via email to a calendar event.

Keep a zero inbox

It is a lot easier said done. The idea is that every email received should be dealt with. Either deleted, archived in appropriate folder or marked as spam. This is a great practice to get into, the key to success here is to have your subfolders create to store any mail you wish to archive. Having a good spam protection tool will also help. Thexyz multiple layers of spam protection ensure you will have clean inbox that can also be a great help to keeping a zero inbox.

Make use of auto responders

Whether you are going on vacation or dealing with a high spike in incoming email,  an auto responder will help get the message out by automatically sending a message to everyone that sends a message to you. You can read more about setting up an auto responder here.

Setup email filters

I mentioned it above the "Create sub-folders" section, I will mention it again as it really, create some email filters.

Create a folder for bacon (BACN)

BACN is not a food but email, unlike spam it is email that has been subscribed to and is therefore not unsolicited. Over the past few years, advances in spam detection have lead to a reduction in the amount of spam making it to your inbox. Email marketers are now sending more mail than ever before to members and subscribers. These daily or weekly emails can take up much of your inbox. You probably don't want to keep them all, and at the same time, not send them all to your spam for easy purging. Instead create a folder called 'BACN.' You can then use filters to divert these newsletters and notifications to the BACN folder to find all this non-essential email in one place. It can also be easily deleted.

Do you have any email management tips? Feel free to post a comment below.
Sunday, 22 December 2013

We want to make life a bit easier for you. So we recently added undelete in webmail so that your users will be able recover their deleted email directly from the webmail interface. 

Try out this new feature today by logging into webmail and following the instructions noted below:

Instructions for recovering deleted email in webmail:

1. Right click on the Trash folder
2. In the context menu, click on "Recover Deleted Email..."

3. Select the message(s) that you want to recover (note: you can recover deleted message for up to 14 days)

4. Click on "Recover to Folder"
5. Select the folder you want to move the messages to
6. When you see the confirmation "Message(s) Recovered" you are done
Thursday, 12 December 2013

A look at the growing use of email with stats about usage, spam and most popular devices to read email on. Shows spam figures on the way down down this year, due to spam prevention techniques and mobile usage is up.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.
Monday, 9 December 2013

Outlook 2013 included with all subscriptions at Thexyz

Outlook 2013 is a great way to access your email on your desktop and customers of Thexyz can now get a free license to use Outlook 2013. This will work regardless of what account you have, if you have Premium email with Mobile sync activated, you'll now be able to sync your contacts and calendar with your desktop, mobile device and webmail. In previous versions of Outlook it was just Exchange level users that were able to sync desktop with mobile. This basically adds all the functions of Microsoft Exchange to Thexyz Premium Webmail.

If you are running a Windows computer that meets the minimum system requirements, we recommended downloading Microsoft Outlook 2013 free of charge. You can start enjoying added features that will compliment your experience using our email services.

Fully supports Thexyz MobileSync

Just like our premium email accounts, Microsoft Outlook 2013 fully supports Thexyz MobileSync ActiveSync so you will never experience delays in waiting for email to arrive. This not only syncs your devices, but also pushes email instantly to ensure the fastest possible delivery of every email you receive.

Take your calendar with you

By using the Outlook 2013 you can take your desktop calendar with you, wherever you go. Access it remotely on Thexyz webmail or your mobile device. This will ensure you never miss an appointment.
Synchronize your contacts

Share your calendar with others

Sharing your calendar with others is easy to do with Outlook 2013, you will be able to schedule meetings, and respond to meeting invitations.

Keep your contacts in one place, and up to date

By adding your contacts to Outlook you can then sync them through to webmail and your mobile device. If you ever lose your phone, you can always get your contacts back just by adding your email account to your phone.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Everyday we help many new users get setup with Thexyz Email and Apps. Many of these users come from services like Gmail or Google Apps, we have made it really easy to migrate all of your data over from Gmail to Thexyz with our Email Migration service. While this will migrate all your email and folders, you may not be able to automatically migrate over your contacts. Google now allows Gmail users to export their contacts to the common .csv file format.  This blog post will show how to quickly and easily export all your Google/Gmail contacts.

1. Login to Gmail and on the top left under Google, you see in red the word "Mail," click on it and select contacts.

2. Once there, click on "more" and select the "Export" option.

3. You can now select to export all contacts, or a particular group. For a maximum of compatibility, select Outlook CSV format (or Outlook CSV).

The file will then download to your computer where you can easily import the .csv file to Thexyz Webmail. It may be called contact.csv. You can now import your contacts to Thexyz.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean App Crash Fix

Android 4.3 has been rolled out to quite a few devices this week including Samsung and Nexus phones. Some users of Thexyz Webmail mobile app reported that the app crashed on opening. We took a look into this issue and found a quick and easy fix. You basically just need to clear the app data by following the steps below.

1. Click the Settings icon and then at the top touch More.

2. Select Application Manager under System Manager and find the app.

3. Touch Clear data and Clear cache

Try opening the app again and it should load without any error.
Friday, 6 December 2013

We spoke to a user of Thexyz Cloud who creates music in his spare time. Over the past year he has built a small fan base through Youtube & Facebook videos however up until recently his followers have not been able to download his music. To increase his fan base he now wants to let his fans download his music mp3 files for free.

He researched into the best ways to share files for free online and found there were three solutions, however they all seemed to have a few drawbacks.

1. He could collect the fans’ email addresses and send them the songs. However he doesn’t have the coding knowledge to create a site or send emails automatically so this process would be manual and take a considerable amount of time. He was also worried that some people may not want to give out their email address.

2. He could use a file sharing site however he knows that they normally contain lots of ads and pop ups which could confuse his fans.

3. He could also use a torrent site however this would mean that all users would need to have a piece of software to download the mp3.

Before he found Thexyz, he was unsure how to share his files securely, fortunately Thexyz makes it easy for users to share files either publicly or to select users.

Sharing files via Thexyz

To share a file through Thexyz he just had to upload his file to his Briefcase drive and then right click on the file and select the ‘Share’ option. He selected to publicly share the file and was given a direct link to the file. He then placed the link on his Youtube video description, on his Facebook fan page, and on several other social sites he was using to connect with his followers. Sharing his file through Thexyz did not take a lot of effort and did not require any programming knowledge, the link did not have ads, and didn’t require his fans to download a piece of software. Musicians are not the only people who can use Thexyz to share files. Ebook authors, film producers, photographers, and programmers can all trade large files through Thexyz Cloud software. If you are using Thexyz to share files with your audience let us know in the comments below this post.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All web hosting plans at Thexyz Server now come with ModSecurity Apache plugin running by default. This little plugin acts as a firewall for web applications and has so far reduced the number of attacks significantly.

As of this week, ModSecurity will also prevent "brute force" attacks. A brute force attack stands for an attempt to guess the username and password of a web application, using a predefined set of usernames and passwords and combining them at random.

If there are more than 15 failed login attempts from an IP address within 3 minutes, the IP address will be blocked from the website for the next 30 minutes.

To help the ModSecurity plugin combat brute force attacks, our App Installer is also configured to replace the default "admin" username, which is used by the majority of web applications by default.

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