Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Over the past year we have introduced a number of new features to Thexyz webmail such as mobile sync, 25 GB mailboxes and mobile apps. As we are beginning a new year I thought I would write a post to give you some insight into some of the features and updates we have planned for 2014.

Automatic Password Recovery

I know as well as you do that this has been a feature that has been much requested over the past couple of years.  Good news is that in the next few months we expect to release this feature. We are still deciding exactly how we introduce this feature whilst keeping or business email service as secure as possible. The reason for the delays is the fact we do not want to rush into this feature. We know it is time consuming for our support team to keep  resetting passwords, and we will be happy to introduce this anticipated feature later this year.

Email Compose Window

Whilst most users will not notice any difference when composing an email. There are some browsers and devices that had issues with certain aspects of the text editor when composing an email. We expect to roll out fixes for these issues in the near future. Thanks to all the users that reported any issues they came across over the past year or so.

Microsoft Exchange 2013

In the next few weeks we are expected to launch the latest Microsoft Exchange offering which will add some additional features to existing Exchange clients at Thexyz. We will be increasing the storage size of Exchange mailboxes to 100 GB. There will be improved synchronization with Outlook and 100% uptime.

Secure Webmail Chat

We are looking into introducing our own chat system in Webmail that would allow business users to chat with other team members. We have not decided on how this will work or how it will be billed. We were also looking at the possibility of adding a video chat system too. None of these features have been set in stone yet and we welcome your feedback on this feature in our feedback forum.
Saturday, 18 January 2014

SharePoint was developed in 2001 by Microsoft and since its launch it had been adopted by 78% of fortune 500 companies. 

A lot has changed since 2001 and more of these users also look to access SharePoint data on an iPhone or iPad. Good news, there are some great apps for that, here are some of the best. These SharePoint apps all work with your current SharePoint setup. No need to install server components or request special permissions. They will support version of SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.


With the SharePlus app you can keep SharePoint content offline for fast access, even when you are not on the wifi network.


Extensive “smart caching” downloads only the content you need, reducing device storage requirements. Sync specific libraries, lists or even views from SharePoint. You can also set alerts to monitor changes to files or folders in SharePoint.


Simple, intuitive way to interact with Microsoft SharePoint from your iPad or iPhone. Have full functionality for SharePoint activities at your fingertips while you're on the go.
Sunday, 5 January 2014

A look at some of the best apps for email users on iOS

Thexyz does not endorse any of these apps, they are listed as a guide to help you get the most out your email.

Mail+ for Outlook

Read and compose Outlook emails and manage your calendar directly from any iOS device. No more using the web browser to access your email account.

Out of Office for Outlook Exchange

Out of Office for Outlook Exchange allows you to manage your Out of Office settings in Microsoft Exchange.

Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition

Inbox Pro is a great way access your company Outlook mail and calendar information from your iOS device. View, compose, and send emails with an interface designed to be the perfect fit for iOS 7 on both iPhone and iPad.


fwdMail is an email client that downloads your email to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides fast full-text searches of your email by downloading your email from multiple Gmail, IMAP, and Thexyz accounts.

Thexyz Webmail

Last but not least, Thexyz Webmail adds instant push email to your iPhone/iPad. No more waiting around pushing refresh for email to arrive. It also syncs your calendar and contacts with your account at Thexyz via Mobile Sync. There are tasks and notes apps included, all you need is an active subscription account with Thexyz.

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