Friday, 14 March 2014

Thexyz is discontinuing support for the cloud backup software which includes document editing via Zoho and our Open Access mobile apps. We are seeing a decline in use of these applications and concentrated development on our other products, such as exchange email, SharePoint and cloud hosting.

Why Is Thexyz Discontinuing Support For It's Automatic Backup Software?
  • Most of our users collaborate through our email and apps services and cloud VPS servers
  • It allows us to concentrate on other products
  • Software updates are time consuming and costly
  • User's are making use of other features 
  • Ensuring our software is kept up to date to work on latest versions of Mac OSX and iOS requires ongoing development. We would rather concentrate on developing our other tools.
We have a number of new developments that we have recently launched from alpha to beta for the cloud hosting platform and Exchange email services.

I wish to continue using Thexyz automatic desktop backup, what can I do?

We will continue to offer our email archive, server backup and will also have a new tool for desktop backup and server backups. 


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