Thursday, 1 January 2015
We've left a year of landmark events behind our backs - the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, which united the world around peace and oneness; the space probe on a moving comet, which is a blazing at breakthrough speeds through the universe; and the sensational thaw between the USA and Cuba, which is a great sign that we can all learn the art of living together.

For the IT world, it's been a year of security challenges - issues like Heartbleed and POODLE made serious waves throughout the web, putting thousands of sites and devices under serious threat and reminding us of how fragile we still are. All that, however, led to a positive turn - security software companies became more responsible and Google announced that they will prioritize SSL-encrypted sites.

Despite the turbulent IT environment, Thexyz team managed to keep our system safe from the common vulnerabilities and also launched new security features to help further protect our servers. We also launched two new features in webmail, one being the Chat system and the other a secure password reset via SMS.

In tune with the growing globalization trends we even managed to expand our server network by contracting three new data centers, one in Canada and the other two in Europe. Also, most of our services are now offered and translated in all of the available data center locations around the world, so we can offer you a better performance on a local level.

In 2014, our motto was 'in touch', which inspired us to keep in close contact with you via our social media channels.

In 2015, we are planning to be 'in progress', since we'll keep focusing on large projects like the mobile version of website and control panel which the first part of has today been launched.

We anticipate another great year at Thexyz and we want to thank all of you, our valuable customers, for your continuous support and constructive feedback throughout the year! We are getting better because of your forward-thinking feedback!

Happy New Year!


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