Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The new Python Manager will allow users to edit the current Python version and to enable Python-compatible applications for their projects. Located right next to PHP Settings, it gives you one-click access to various Python management options.

What is Python?

Python is one of the most important application development languages and has been around for a long time now.
Its standard library supports many Internet protocols, including JSON, FTP, IMAP, HTML and XML.
There are different types of Python-based software:
for web development purposes:
  • frameworks such as Django and Pyramid; micro-frameworks such as Flask and Bottle;
  • advanced content management systems such as Plone and django CMS;
  • asynchronous networking libraries like Tornado, which is perfect for long polling, WebSockets and other applications that require a long-lived connection to each user;
  • full-stack frameworks (like web2py) for rapid development of fast and portable web-based, database-driven apps;
for scientific and numerical computing purposes:
  • open-source packages like SciPy, Matplotlib and NumPy, which are used in mathematics, science and engineering;
  • Pandas – a BSD-licensed library for high-performance data analysis and modeling; 
  • iPython – a powerful command shell for easier editing and recording of work sessions that supports interactive data visualization and parallel computing;
  • Software Carpentry Course, which teaches the basics of scientific computing and provides open-access teaching materials;
for software development purposes:
  • Buildbot and Apache Gump, which are used for automating software build, test and release processes;
  • Roundup and Trac – issue tracking and project management tools;
for system administration purposes:
  • Ansible – an easy-to-deploy IT automation engine that automates configuration management, application deployment and cloud provisioning;
  • Salt – a powerful open-source platform for IT automation and orchestration;
  • OpenStack – a high-performance computing, storage and networking platform;
Python is easy to learn and use, no matter if you’re new to programming or an experienced developer.
It is backed up by a large community, which organizes conferences and workshops, collaborates on code development projects, supports an extensive Python documentation to help newbies along the way and maintains mailing lists to keep users up to date.

How do I use the Python Manager?


From the Python Manager section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to set the Python version for your account. You can choose between Python 2.7, Python 3.1 and the latest version – Python 3.5.

Check out this tutorial on how to install a Python-based CMS.


Friday, 2 December 2016


The holiday season is finally here and we have an array of discounts just for you! This December enjoy exclusive promos on Domains and Hosting all month long.

Hostgator Dedicated Servers 25% off 31st December, 2016 BJS7KT8X0W

December Domains Discounts

Enjoy unbelievable discounts on your preferred TLDs, all month long! Simply search for a domain and enter the coupon code at checkout for price adjustment.
Top Level Domain Promo Price Valid Until Coupon Code
.XYZ $1.95 31st December, 2016 43KPN50LBV
.PW $1.95 31st December, 2016 43KPN50LBV
.TOP $1.95 31st December, 2016 43KPN50LBV
$4.95 31st December, 2016 WI301TSAFF
Friday, 11 November 2016

With Impress.ly, building a full-fledged website that is both mobile responsive and intuitive has never been easier. Impress.ly will enable you to create and launch a website effortlessly across any platform like smartphones, tablets, desktops in a matter of minutes.

About Impress.ly

With as much as 70% of traffic coming through mobile search, it is paramount to build mobile friendly websites. With that in mind, we decided that Impress.ly will be the perfect tool to integrate integrate into our control panel. With this powerful tool you can create personalized, professional and dynamic websites within minutes. There is no coding to do or software downloads required.
So what’s so special about Impress.ly?  Firstly, you only need your business name, Facebook page, or website address. Impress.ly then uses it’s native intelligence to compartmentalize your existing content, apply smart design and simplify color choices. It automatically adds your social media, RSS feeds, photos, music, brand colors, logo and more!

Why use the Impress.ly for your website?

Here are a few great reasons for why it’s the website builder to use.
  • Build on a phone: Create a complete website literally from the palm of your hand!
  • Auto Populate content: All you need is a Facebook Page or an existing webpage to instantly find and add relevant content.
  • Integrated to Thexyz: With fast and easy setup, you can also use the builder directly from Thexyz Control Panel.
  • Save time: Create a website within minutes seamlessly.
  • 30-day Free trial – Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial period and get to know the product better before you sign up for a full paid plan.

What else can I do with Impress.ly?

Since Impress.ly literally builds itself, you will save a lot of time and energy in the development of your site, allowing you to focus on the things like:
  • Insightful Analytics: You can track your website through analytics to see summary statistics of visitors or most visited pages of the website.
  • Mobile App Website: Your visitors will enjoy smooth animations and physics similar to those of a native mobile app.
  • Easily build E-commerce websites: As Impress.ly is already setup with E-commerce, you can simply add your products to start selling right away. 
Get started with Impress.ly today with a free trial from within your account at Theyxz. Click here for more information. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Here at Thexyz we have an automatic migration tool that allows any Yahoo Mail user to move all email quickly and easily to an account at Thexyz. This offer has now been extended from October to December 31st 2016.

Until October 31st 2016 migrations from Yahoo Mail are free!

Extended Until December 31st 2016 migrations from Yahoo Mail are free!

Coupon code: yahoo

Simply visit this page and fill out the required to move your mail over to Thexyz.

Please see here for more information on our email migration service,

Please note, the $2.95 promo on the .NET domains will end ahead of schedule at 12pm (EST) on 11th October, 2016 since we only have limited stock available, as announced earlier.

Promo Price: $2.95

Non Discounted Price: $15.95

Promo Start Date: 2016-10-11

Promo End Date: 2016-10-13

Coupon code: october

From the 11th-13th October 2016, get new .NET Domain Registrations for just $ 2.95

Why .net?

Shorter URLs

Shorter URLs tend to create a quick recall among customers. For example,
skynet.co to sky.net
bestautonet.com to bestsuto.net

Safeguard for a brand 

If you already have a .com, getting a .NET safeguards and protects your brand identity online


.NET was one of the first TLDs ever launched and has had a robust legacy for decades


.NET is one of the best TLDs to launch your online business. It is the second most popular choice of TLD in the world after .com.

This promo is not applicable on Transfer-Ins or Renewals and stock is limited. Register a .net domain today.
Friday, 23 September 2016

From September 13th to September 16th 2016 our operations team received alerts that our managed DNS servers came under a distributed denial of service attack or DDoS for short. These types of attacks are nothing new to us here at Thexyz and in 2015 we made quite a few improvements to protect us from DDoS which you can read about here. We also recently assisted law enforcement after an unsuccessful extortion attempt from the Armada Collective.
Thexyz will not and does not respond to extortion attempts. We have dealt with DDoS attacks in the past, and just last year made immense improvements to our infrastructure to combat DDoS attacks.

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is where a criminal uses a large number of computers to send requests to particular website or IP address. If they can send enough requests, it will use up all the target’s resources and the site will appear to be offline.

Even if a DDoS attack is successful in knocking a website offline, it does not lead to data being compromised or lost. It is more like being stuck in a really bad traffic jam and unable to reach your destination until the traffic clears up.

Why would someone attack Thexyz?

Since November of 2015, there have been extortion demands  sent to various email providers, including Fastmail, Runbox, Hushmail, Zoho and ProtonMail. By doing so they are counting on the network not being able to cope with the attack and hoping that they will just pay the ransom to prevent. In one attack, ProtonMail did pay after several days of disruptions, although this did not end the attack.

What is Thexyz doing to stop it?

We have been working with our data center and upstream providers to ensure we have strong mitigation for various DDoS scenarios so we are ready to adapt. We have also notified our local police department in Toronto who have been working with international law enforcement agencies that worked on previous attacks.

Our System Operations Team started receiving alerts for our Managed DNS service which saw about 20-25k QPS on each node i.e 5X more than our normal traffic. Support staff received multiple reports from people who could not access our website or webmail site. We immediately started mitigation via Neustar and tried to bring down the QPS count by evaluating tcpdump in order to identify any unusual pattern. We also moved all our traffic via all the 16 IPs and put them under mitigation with only Port 53 as allowed as it is used for UDP/TCP. This brought the QPS count under control and the alerts started to clear up.

Connectivity issues were sporadic yet repeatable. One of the major issues that we faced with this attack was the attack vector kept changing and making the necessary changes with the mitigation filter template took time as we needed to improvise every filter in real time. Since the QPS count didn’t show drastic improvement even after Neustar dropping 960K PPS and 350 Mbps traffic, we decided to cancel the mitigation and spread the load across all our datacenters and deployed legacy mitigation at each one. This plan worked initially but had its own pitfalls - We had to quickly move back to Neustar as another attack would have put this temporary setup under jeopardy. We had our internal team review the problem and it was decided that increasing our nodes at colo will help to load balance traffic against all available nodes (old & new) after mitigation from Neustar.

What improvements have we made?

We are always working to improve your experience. Everyone here at Thexyz is committed to winning your business every day and we do our best to maintain industry leading uptime and reliability. Following this DDoS attack, we are making the following improvements.
  • Terminate traffic with multiple GRE tunnels, instead of just one. If this can be done, all DNS traffic need not be pointed on our DNS nodes in one DC and can be spread out to multiple locations.
  • Network stack optimizations on DNS servers, to accept more packets.
  • Cross check current DNS server and verify if any optimizations can be done to increase the DNS throughput.
We set out to build a highly resilient Anycast Managed DNS service backing on mitigation services provided by Neustar and this attack was the first one which caused intermittent outages in the course of last 1 year. While we do have some lessons learned and some improvements to make, we continue to be confident that this is the right strategy for us.
Thursday, 8 September 2016

Attach Dropbox Files Into Thexyz Webmail With A Single Click

Now you can find the new Dropbox integration app inside Webmail simply compose a new email message on find the Dropbox icon. The first time you use the Dropbox app you will need to add your Dropbox account, if you don't have a DropBox account you can sign up for a free account here. The Dropbox app integration compliments already existing Jenner  integration odd compliments existing generous file attachment limit of 50 megabytes.  This will allow you to send large files without having to share through the Dropbox interface, all of your Dropbox files will be accessible through the Dropbox app within webmail.

 Here at Thexyz we are focusing on integrating popular services with our platform. This will allow you to manage these popular services within your account at Thexyz.

How it works

1. You will find the Dropbox app in the Compose new message window.

2. Once you have authenticated your account you can add files with a click. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

With the evolution of app development, one of the most popular dev tools – Git, which every 4 out of 5 developers will expect you to provide, is now enabled on on Thexyz Servers.


What is Git?

Git was created by Linus Torvalds who is also the author of the Linux kernel. Git is a basically a distributed version control system used for software development purposes.
Linus jokingly named it “Git” – a British slang word for an “unpleasant person”.

As a version control system, Git manages and stores revisions for all types of projects, including code files, text, image, etc. It keeps “snapshots” of every change in the project’s history, so you will not risk overwriting.

This way, there will be no need for a developer to make a new server connection for every single change they make.

What is Git mostly used for?

A developer would often use Git to set up a preview version of the website or app they are working on to test them out on the production server, or even on a different test/staging server.

To use Git on a web server for testing purposes, a developer will need to first create a Git repository on their local machine and then set up a cloned Git repository on the server.
Using Git repository hosting platforms like GitHub, developers can test their projects in a web-based graphical environment:

With Git enabled on our web hosting platform, developers will be able to push, pull or clone their projects from GitHub, or any other platform that’s hosting their repository, to one or more web hosting accounts on our servers. This is all best done over SSH, which opens a secure connection and executes Git operations on the server as required.

The use of SSH eliminates the need for deploying a daemon service on the server to push requests, which is one of the main security concerns of web hosts.
Using Git to deploy a simple script or an entire app on a web hosting server is a fast and easy way to spread that version controlled content over a few web hosting accounts at the same time.

This will save developers all the hassle of uploading the content to all the accounts successively over FTP. The same holds true for updates – instead of having to use FTP to upload script or app updates to each web hosting account separately, the developer will just need to push an update from the Git repository with a simple Git+SSH command.

How to create a Git repository on a web server?

With Git now supported on our web hosting platform, you will be able to create your own repository directly on the server where your websites are located, instead of using third-party services like GitHub.

First of all, you will need to have SSH access enabled for your web hosting account.
We include SSH access by default with the Enterprise and with all VPS and dedicated server solutions on our platform. With all other packages, SSH is available as an upgrade.

Example Usage
Here, we’ll examine a very basic Git repository usage scenario that will allow us to track and deploy a local (as in residing on our workstation) copy of a dev app in our production environment on the hosting web server.

Step 1: Prepare the remote (web server) Git and SSH environments

Let’s assume that our production app directory resides in ~/www/my-domain.tld/ and that our Git repository is located in ~/git_repos/my_app/.
We need to execute the following in our web server environment:

$ ssh username@my-domain.tld -p 2222
After you supply your password and are logged in, you may proceed with:

$ mkdir -p ~/git_repos/my_app 
$ cd ~/git_repos/my_app
$ git init
This will initiate the Git repository and will allow us to take advantage of all the ‘goodies’ that the Git tool suite provides.

Now we need to tell Git to accept pushes to our working directory (~/www/my-domain.tld/):

$ git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore
The next step is to create a post-receive hook that will help us deploy my_app’s code directly into our working directory:

$ editor_of_your_choice ~/git_repos/my_app/.git/hooks/post-receive
Fill the file with the following contents:

GIT_WORK_TREE=~/www/my-domain.tld/ git checkout -f
Save it and make the hook file executable:

$ chmod 0750 ~/git_repos/my_app/.git/hooks/post-receive
And a small step that will help us set up SSH:

$ mkdir -m 0700 ~/.ssh/
$ touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
$ chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Step 2: Prepare the local (workstation) Git and SSH environments

Let’s assume that the app you’re developing resides in ~/projects/my_app/ and contains only one example file: index.php – we’ll set up a Git repository in the same directory:

$ cd ~/projects/my_app/
$ git init $ git add index.php
$ git commit -m 'initial version'
$ git remote add origin username@my-domain.tld:git_repos/my_app
We need to generate a cryptographically strong SSH public/private key pair:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
This will create two files: ~/.ssh/id_rsa (private key) and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub (public key).
Create a ~/.ssh/config file and add the remote host info:

Host my-domain.tld
Port 2222
PreferredAuthentications publickey,password
If you already have this file, you only need to update it using the information above.
Now add the SSH public key to the production environment:

$ cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh username@my-server.tld "cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Step 3: Deploy your app’s code to production

Now we only need to push my_app’s code into production via Git:

$ git push -u origin master.
That’s it! Your app (index.php in this example) is now deployed on the remote web server in the ~/www/my-domain.tld/ directory.
Git is enabled by default with all Thexyz Server-managed hosting solutions including:
Monday, 8 August 2016

A new collection of responsive WordPress themes added to Thexyz Server Control Panel.

These new themes are free of charge and can be installed with a click from Thexyz Server Control Panel.

Grid based WordPress Themes

You can find grid-based themes where content is organized in a clean and easy-to-digest manner:

Site-Wide Banner WordPress Themes

There are also site-wide banner-based WordPress themes with integrated slider functionality:

Full-Screen WordPress Themes

The new full-screen, background image-based layouts are also worth paying attention to:

How to use the new WordPress themes?

The new WordPress themes have been added to the existing library of free themes from ThemeDorks in Thexyz Server Control Panel.

Just scroll to the Free Themes section under Installer and you will be taken to the full list of themes that are currently available for download.
Wednesday, 3 August 2016

For the month and August we have secured promotional pricing with various domain registrars to offer you some great savings. There is no limit on how many times you can use these coupon codes before the expiration date. Simply search for a domain and enter the coupon code at checkout for price adjustment.

TLD Promo Price Valid Until Coupon Code
.BIZ $4.95 31st August, 2016 1HK27AJLLO
.LINK $4.95 31st August, 2016 1HK27AJLLO
.ME $4.95 31st August, 2016 1HK27AJLLO
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.SPACE $4.95 31st August, 2016 1HK27AJLLO
.LOL $4.95 10th August, 2016 1HK27AJLLO
$4.95 31st December, 2016 WI301TSAFF

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

For the month and July and beyond, we have secured promotional pricing with various domain registrars to offer you some great savings. There is no limit on how many times you can use these coupon codes before the expiration date. Simply search for a domain and enter the coupon code at checkout for price adjustment.

TLD Promo Price Valid Until Coupon Code
.BIZ $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.CO $4.95 31st July, 2016 tenbucks
.ME $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.TOP $1 31st July, 2016 YT1YA429YO
.XYZ $1.95 31st July, 2016 43KPN50LBV
.ASIA $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.PARTY $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
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.TRADE $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.MOBI $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.MEN $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.SITE $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.CN.COM $4.95 31st July, 2016 fivebucks
.LOL $4.95 10th August, 2016 fivebucks
$4.95 31st December, 2016 WI301TSAFF

Monday, 9 May 2016

Here at Thexyz, we get asked a lot of questions about email signatures. There are many options available when creating a signature, and to get an expert opinion I asked email branding professional Rex Weston, what he thought.

Perry: I see a lot of companies using inconsistent email signatures, how important is it to use the same signature throughout?

Rex: From a branding perspective, across-the-board adherence to “brand standards” is essential. Even when discounting branding, there is still a necessity to present yourself, and hence your firm, professionally. Recipients of email automatically make snap judgments (in milliseconds) about the sender’s professionalism based on appearance of the message. Bad signatures detract, while good signatures enhance, these judgments. The one sure way of reeling in the rouge (often unprofessional) email signatures in use in a company is to implement a company-wide standardized email signature program.

Perry: Should the logo be included in the signature? Having a logo in the email signature looks great, but with email security standards where they are today, it is no longer possible to have the image display without downloading the logo attachment. Too many unnecessary attachments on an email thread if you ask me. What do you think Rex?

Rex: Ninety nine percent of the signatures we create for our customers, large & small, do opt to include their logo (and often social media icons as well).

When a signature has been properly programmed and installed it is quite rare that its graphics appear as attachments. (The primary cause of attachments is email emanating from Outlook that has been installed in such a way as to “embed” the images. Through the creation of a signature that does not embed images the attachment problem is largely resolved.)

What remains then is the image-blocking problem. When thinking about this it’s important to keep in mind that, if a person has image-blocking activated, they are seeing a large number of emails arriving with the images missing. In other words, your signature with a logo that’s been blocked will not surprise them in any way or appear unprofessional – it will simply look normal to them.

I am not, however, wedded to the use of images in signatures. I’ve designed some great looking signatures without any images, and I know that the users of these signatures are going to experience less consternation over the signature’s performance in the long run.

In conclusion, it’s a personal choice, but one where I see almost everyone choosing to include their logo. Just remember, if you are going to include your logo or any other graphics – do it right!

Perry: Mobile phones often do not allow html signatures. This means that having an image appear on the signature of a mobile phone is often not possible. I have seen some creative people are use "rich text formatting" to match text style to the company logo. Do you have any other creative tips for branding a signature without images?
Perhaps with css?

Rex: First to clarify, almost all mobile devices are designed to receive, and properly display, HTML email. Furthermore, HTML signatures that include graphics can be installed and used from iPhones and iPads with great results. This narrows the problem to just signatures installed on Android and Blackberry devices.

The use of “rich text formatting” is an appropriate way of creating a “brand consistent” signature when graphics either can’t, or aren’t, being used. An effective use of font styling and color can go a long ways towards achieving a branded feel to a signature.

From a technical standpoint, always use inline styling, web-safe fonts, and test, test, test!

Perry: What tools do you offer on your website?

Rex: We offer the gamut of email signature services – design, HTML coding, image hosting, multi-user personalization, automated and manual deployment processes, campaign management, and user support.

More specifically, we offer three things that are not easily replicated by a do-it-yourselfer. Firstly, we offer (massively) field-tested HTML code. As a result, our signatures can be put into use with a great deal of confidence that unpleasant surprises aren’t lurking. Generally these surprises are broken hyperlinks, missing or improperly sized images, formatting anomalies, and SPAM problems. A big mistake that people make is the assumption that just because a signature looks good to them, it must then look good to every recipient. This is definitely not the case, and the degree of testing required before you can really be confident in a signature is not easily accomplished.

Secondly, and often overlooked, is the personalization of the signature for each user. In a small company this is not such a big deal, but as the number of users increase it can begin to become time consuming to personalize each signature. Depending on the signature’s content, a number of areas besides the obvious (name, title, phone number and email address) can require personalization. These include links to personal bio pages and / or LinkedIn profiles, links to vCards, inclusion of mobile phone numbers, Skype addresses, etc.

I frequently see a Microsoft Word document with a signature template distributed with the instructions being to modify the document and then paste the signature into Outlook (or other email programs). While this seems easy for the user, and especially seems easy for the person in charge of deployment, it is fraught with hidden obstacles and should definitely be avoided.

Setting aside the easy, but problematic, MS Word approach, you are left with the more complicated, but effective, approach of preparing a proper HTML (and sometimes TXT) file that has been personalized for each user. This is where our online email signature creation portal becomes useful – allowing individual users to personalize their signatures via a simple data entry form, and then outputting the signature files in the correct format for the email program they are being installed into.

In addition to coding and personalization, we can help overcome the challenges of deployment. Like personalization, deployment becomes more problematic as the number of users increases.

We offer detailed instructions for the manual installation of email signatures into virtually every major email program, and we offer an array of automated approaches for Outlook, Office 365, and email routed through a managed Exchange Server.

As an illustration of how well these approaches work, our largest client – a financial services company with over 22,000 email signature users – has been successfully using our MANUAL installation approach into Outlook and Outlook Web App for years. Another client – a manufacturer of electronic test equipment – brought 3300 users on-board with a new signature in a matter of weeks via one of our automated deployment tools.

So, in conclusion, whether your email signature project is large or small, you always need great HTML code. And if the number of users is high enough, you’ll also quickly become aware of the need for efficient personalization and deployment strategies. We can assist you with any or all of these.

Perry: Someone recently asked me to create an email signature for them that was just an image. The logo, the name, email, phone number etc was all part of the image. This ensured that recipients could not click these parts of the signature to call, reply or add them to contacts as it was just an image. They ended up not using an image.

Rex: Going back about six years, many of the signatures we created were just images. Visually they offer some advantages and for the most part they are much easier to create. However they are not smartphone friendly, and leave nothing but a rectangle when images are blocked. Furthermore, they require customized graphics for each individual user. We still have a few legacy customers who have stuck with this approach, but virtually all of the signatures we’ve created in the last five years have been a combination of formatted text and (usually) graphics (logo and social media icons primarily).

Perry: Do you have any other email signature tips?

Rex: This rather lengthy whitepaper covers design issues, provides some detail on coding (including sample code), discusses installation and signature use issues, and provides a brief gallery of email signature examples.

About the Author: Rex Weston is the founder of DigiTechBRANDING: Over the last 17 years he’s worked exclusively in the area of email branding, working with hundreds of companies worldwide to provide state-of-the-art email signature solutions. He can be reached in his Wisconsin (USA) office at (920) 648-5408 or by email at rex@digitechbranding.com
Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thexyz has been approved to sell the .BR ccTLDs from Brazil! 

Why .BR?

  • Best choice for those wanting to represent business in Brazil
  • Offers a sense of professionalism & localization to your website
  • Register a locally popular/common word and target your market well

Take a look at the full list here:

  • .com.br
  • .net.br
  • .pro.br
  • .arq.br
  • .eco.br
  • .ind.br
  • .art.br
  • .eng.br
  • .adv.br
  • .mus.br
  • .wiki.br
  • .blog.br

Please Note: This group of TLDs will require specific Nexus information.

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