Friday, 8 April 2016

For the month of April we have secured some fantastic domain discounts for new TLDs. You can register .top domains for just $1 for the first year with this coupon code: A95MQNB4K6

Why .top

The TLD .top was officially delegated in ICANN’s new TLD program on August 4, 2014, it is operated by the .top registry, which is affiliated with Jiangsu Bangning Group in China.

On the first day of registrations becoming available, .TOP passed the 10,000 registrations, and now sites at over 1,800,000. Due to its syntax and the Chinese domain investors it has attracted, .TOP is among the fastest-growing nTLDs on the market today.

Number of .top registrations

The popularity of .top have pushed it into the top 10 of the official nTLD chart where it currently ranks 2nd, right after .XYZ

How popular are .top domain names?

Read the full announcement on all the current available discounts.

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