Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Your Web Hosting Control Panel is the most important interface used to managed many websites and apps.

The more intuitively organized and user-friendly it is, the better, because even if we're offering the best customer service in the world, it will not mean much if you cannot navigate through an easy-to-use Control Panel.

We kept our ears open for your feedback and also kept in tune with current UI trends to achieve a minimalist design and aesthetic color palette.

We’ve been working hard on this project throughout 2017 and will soon release its beta version.
Following is a sneak peek at what the newly revamped interface will look like:


The new dashboard will build upon Hepsia’s time-proven look and feel, but will also offer a smooth, fresh appearance.

The separate sidebar boxes will be merged into one element for a more complete perception.

A fully responsive design

Hepsia will finally be fully responsive!

We admit that the mobile version was far from perfect, which is why we redirected our efforts toward developing a fully responsive one.

The purpose of the simplification of the desktop version’s design was namely to ensure a smoother transition between different devices.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Are you still looking for Christmas presents to give to your friends, family, or valued colleagues? How about a voucher for a secure and ad-free premium email account?

How to redeem the voucher?

If you receive a promo code for an email account as picture above, you can order a new account here and enter the promo code at checkout to zero out the balance. If you need any help, the support team can be reached here.

How to Purchase gift vouchers

It is now possible to purchase gift vouchers for a new email account through this page, to send as a present to your loved ones.
Please note the following:
  • The voucher code will only be valid when registering a NEW Webmail account.
  • New customers can enter the code during registration and will then get the voucher value credited to their account balance.
  • The voucher is non-refundable and has no cash value.
  • The credit value of the voucher cannot be transferred to any other account.
We wish you a joyful and relaxed Christmas time and a Happy new Year.
Your team at Thexyz Inc.
Monday, 27 November 2017
The holiday season’s shopping spree is here so it’s just about time for us to open up the box of special winter deals.

For today, the entry-level dedicated servers will be available at a lifetime discount of up to 30%.
Read further below to learn more about the new exclusive price reductions.

How powerful are the Atom-based dedicated servers?

The Intel Atom-powered server range represents a great entry-level solution for light processing tasks.
From a hardware point of view, the Atom-based servers are small-sized, low-powered and virtually silent machines offering fast sleep/wake features.
The Atom 2 and Atom 3 configurations are equipped with SSD drives that practically have no moving parts for ultimate reliability.
Our lowest energy-consuming selection of dedicated servers is perfect for hosting small and medium-sized business applications that do not require a lot of processing power or large storage capacity.
It’s also excellent for anyone wishing to run, say, a testing/remote backup server, an office file server or a lightweight web server.

Intel Atom D525 - 17% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR

Intel Atom C2550- 20% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR

Intel Atom C2750 - 30% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR

Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Included with your account at Thexyz is access to hundreds of free WordPress themes. These can easily be downloaded and installed on your WordPress site by visiting this page

Easy Grid WordPress Theme

The Easy Grid WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative designer with its clean design and minimal layout.


Illustration WordPress Theme

The Illustration WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative professional to showcase their portfolio work. The theme has elegant style and a mobile friendly design.


Base WordPress Theme

Base is a lovely and neat theme. It is splendid for innovative designers.


Blocx WordPress Theme

Blocx Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative agency with clean design and minimal layout.


Side Folio WordPress Theme

The Side Folio theme has a nice, mobile-friendly layout and a responsive banner slider. Insensitive design. Its a cute design and a responsive slider, Photo Swipe is an awesome theme for any creative studio.


Typografika WordPress Theme

The Typografika WordPress Theme is designed to showcase your typography portfolio. It combines a clean and modern design with an elegant style.


vPress WordPress Theme

With its responsive layout and mobile-friendly image slider, the vPress theme is ideal for a corporate website.


Neue WordPress Theme

The Neue WordPress Theme is a great theme to showcase your portfolio. It boasts a super clean and appealing layout, and features an infinite scroll.


Minimalist WordPress Theme

The Minimalist WordPress Theme is a great theme to showcase your portfolio, with modern design and appealing layout.


Grid WordPress Theme

The Grid Theme is a WordPress Theme with a mobile responsive design, which features an infinite scroll. It is perfect for any creative to showcase their portfolio.


Grafik WordPress Theme

The Grafik WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative agency with clean design and minimal layout.


Wide Grid WordPress Theme

The Wide Grid WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative agency with its clean design and minimal layout.


Vector WordPress Theme

The Vector theme has a stylish, uncomplicated layout and a responsive slider. Theme for a design agency website with its lightweight, responsive layout and banner slider.


Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a great theme for any ecommerce shop with its clean design and minimal layout.


Modern Shop WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Modern Shop WooCommerce theme has a catchy layout and an ultralight design. It is great for an e-shop.


Large Grid WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Large Grid Woocommerce WordPress Theme is a great theme for any e-commerce shop, with a clean design and a minimal layout.


Full Slider WordPress Theme

The Full Slider WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative agency with its clean design and minimal layout.


eShop Woocommerce WordPress Theme  

The eShop Woocommerce WordPress Theme is a great theme for any ecommerce shop with its clean design and minimal layout.


Parallax Theme WordPress

The Parallax Theme WordPress is a great theme for any design agency, with clean design, minimal layout, and scroll motion slider. The Parallax Responsive WordPress theme has minimalist style and mobile friendly design.


PageDown WordPress Theme

With its responsive layout, the Page Down theme is fantastic for a commercial portal.


Metro WordPress Theme

With its tidy, elegant layout and modish, metro-style design, Metro is a marvelous theme for innovatory designers.


Landing Page WordPress Theme

With its appealing design and fully responsive layout, the Landing Page theme is excellent for a creative agency website.


Twitter is a great source for up to the minute information. Here is a summary of some tweets from the past 24 hours.

GIFCOP tweeted about a new tool that lets you see SSL certificates as they’re issued in real time.

Alan Woodward tweeted about Reddit and 4chan picking up steam as alternative news to Twitter.

TOwifi tweeted about new patch updates from Google, Apple and Microsoft regarding the WP2 Krack Wi-Fi vulnerability.

Catalin Cimpanu from Bleeping Computer gives us insight into what to expect with new FIrefox update.

TweakDorks tweeted about writing effecting headlines.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Enjoy unbelievable discounts on your preferred TLDs, all month long! Simply search for a domain and enter the coupon code at checkout for price adjustment.
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.EU $4.95 31st Dec, 2017 R50ERMTGY1
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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The popular website content management system, WordPress has an important security patch out today that fixes an error left in the release of 4.8.2.

The default core installation of WordPress is not directly affected, rather the bug is in a security function provided by the core to plugins and themes. In other words, a bug in the core leaves plugins and themes potentially at risk of being hacked, leading to whole sites being hacked.

Also, crafting a patch to the address the blunder without breaking tons of add-ons for WordPress turned out to be problematic, delaying the release of
"WordPress versions 4.8.2 and earlier are affected by an issue where $wpdb->prepare() can create unexpected and unsafe queries leading to potential SQL injection (SQLi)," the official advisory today warned. "WordPress core is not directly vulnerable to this issue, but we’ve added hardening to prevent plugins and themes from accidentally causing a vulnerability."

According to  Anthony Ferrara, VP of engineering at Lingo Live, WordPress 4.8.2 was released last month in an attempt to shore up its $wpdb->prepare() code, but that update was not coded particularly well. As well as not fully addressing the underlying flaw, the update also broke "a metric ton of third-party code and sites – an estimated 1.2 million lines of code affected," Ferrara said.

Ferrara immediately warned the WordPress team that the 4.8.2 patch was insufficient and liable to break add-ons for the software; we're told the project initially refused to take him seriously. It only backed down – and prepared a better fix that doesn't break everything, like version 4.8.3 – when he provided proof-of-concept exploit code for the lingering hole, and threatened to go public, all according to Ferrara.

"One of our struggles here, as it often is in security, is how to secure things while also breaking as little as possible," Ferrara quoted the WordPress team as saying.

The WordPress team later thanked the researcher for practicing responsible disclosure.

You can find more technical details on the vulnerability, here. In any case, make sure you install or upgrade to version 4.8.3 on your websites to avoid being hacked via your plugins and themes.
Friday, 6 October 2017

On October 7th, ten years ago, Thexyz began as a simple website hosting service. Today we are the platform of choice for over 30 thousand customers in more than 100 countries and 14 languages.

Specializing in email, hosting and security services since 2007, we have been enabling organizations to secure their data, reduce costs, meet compliance by delivering a platform built around privacy.

Known for our regular feature releases and highly reliable network, Thexyz quickly gained popularity among businesses and individuals alike as a secure, ad-free email solution. Thanks to this, we soon developed a strong following and active community.

Throughout the years, you’ve made Thexyz what it is today and to shape what it will be in the future, please take a moment to fill our Happy Birthday/Feeback Form. Thank you!

Want to wish us a Happy Birthday, provide feedback or just say hi? You can do so here

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Thexyz is now pleased to announce the release of Thexyz Cloud Drive, a new product that bundles cloud storage and online applications into Thexyz Webmail.

The new Cloud Drive app gives users anywhere, anytime access to their files. Desktop Sync apps for Windows and Mac keep files safe and secure with a copy in the cloud, providing file recovery and automatic versioning. And our web application lets organizations easily share files among employees and enables stronger collaboration with online document and spreadsheet editors.

With MobileSync activated on Thexyz Webmail, users were able to synchronize contacts and calendars with mobile devices and desktop applications. Now with Cloud Drive, a folder similar to the desktop is now synchronized with Webmail. The desktop application is supported on both PC and Mac with a quick and easy installation process. Once installed the application gets to work and automatically backs up your Cloud Drive folder to the cloud.

With 30GB storage included on top of the generous 25GB of email storage, users can rest assured knowing all the important files are safely stored with a copy in the cloud.

To add the desktop synchronization of files, users are also able edit, create and print documents or spreadsheet files directly from the Web with Thexyz Webmail. These powerful editor tools work just like the Microsoft suite, except these are available without purchasing a license or subscription with Microsoft for Office 365 or the Office software suite.

Just like Microsoft Excel, users can create charts, use formulas and use Excel exactly the way it would be used on the desktop version of Microsoft Excel.

With the common docx file format, used by Microsoft Word and csv of xls files used by Microsoft Excel fully supported on Cloud Drive. PowerPoint files are soon to be added in the near future.

Designed for teams, Thexyz Cloud Drive allows users to work on the same document at the same time. This YouTube video demonstrates two colleagues working on the same document at the same time.

Friday, 7 July 2017
Many people believe that they are much less likely to become infected with malware if they use a Mac computer, but is it really true? Unfortunately, No.

The research team at McAfee Labs, malware attacks on Apple's Mac computers were up 744% in 2016, and its researchers have discovered over 450,000 Mac malware samples.

Recently, the Malware Research team at CheckPoint discovered a new piece of undetectable Mac malware, which according to CheckPoint, affects all versions of Mac OS X and is "signed with a valid developer certificate (authenticated by Apple).

Shortly after MalwareBytes confirmed in a blog post that Apple had revoked the certificate.

How can I protect my Mac?

Free anti-virus does not offer enough protection these days as virus definitions are not patched soon enough. We recommend ESET for best protection on your Mac.

MalwareBytes has confirmed this in its blog post, which reads: "Apple has already revoked the certificate used to sign the app, so, at this point, anyone who encounters this malware will be unable to open the app and unable to be infected by it."
Many people believe that they are much less likely to be bothered by malware if they use a Mac computer, but is it really true? Unfortunately, No.
Many people believe that they are much less likely to be bothered by malware if they use a Mac computer, but is it really true? Unfortunately, No.
Thursday, 6 July 2017

With a new feature added to Thexyz email security strategy, you can now enable DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signing for your domain’s email.

What is spoofing?

When email was developed in the 1970's, security was not such a major concern as such a few people used it and most of the people actually knew the sender of the email. Today email is a widely used and necessary business communication tool for both internal and external messaging. 

Email is also widely used to mislead, steal and extract money from businesses individuals. This is known as "spoofing" and is easy to do as many email providers and clients By default, email clients only show a few lines, such as the envelope-from address. The header-from address could be completely different envelope-from address which is why so many people get caught out by spoofing, as it appears to come from a trusted sender. Such malicious behavior can affect the trust people place in the safety of email

It’s also created the need for you, as a domain owner, to protect against impersonation and provide a level of assurance about the authenticity of email you send to your clients.

What is DKIM?

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) uses cryptographic keys to add signatures on emails, which can be verified with a cryptographic public key in DNS by receiving mail servers.

DKIM is an important step towards securing your email as a proven feature that’s been fully embraced by the email industry. As it is now a common and standardized method for providing a public/private key mechanism among email providers.

DKIM authentication is based on the premise that only authorized senders have the information necessary to create a valid signature for your domain. Email providers that receive email can then validate the DKIM signature from your domain’s DNS.

Read more about DKIM here.

DKIM at Thexyz

DKIM is now available at no additional cost for Thexyz Premium Email and Microsoft Exchange, except for Hosted Exchange 2007. Thexyz Team encourages you to log into your Email Administrators Panel and enable DKIM for all of your domain.

Here at Thexyz we recommend utilizing DKIM as part of a larger email security strategy which includes other features, such as adding Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

By enabling DKIM on your domain, it will add a secure signature to all outgoing messages sent from your domain. Utilizing a public/private key mechanism, this signature allows recipients to authenticate that the message was sent from a trusted and approved service.

A guide for adding DKIM can be found here. If you would like more information or assistance in enabling DKIM authentication for your domain’s email, please contact Thexyz Support Team.

And as always, visit Thexyz to find out more about our hosted email solutions and ways we help businesses of all sizes put efficient and secure email solutions in place.
Monday, 15 May 2017

As we start Monday, organizations are likely having the same conversation after hearing about a major Ransomware attack over the weekend. What happened? What is WannaCry? Are we exposed? 

The WannaCry ransomware has exposed an ugly truth with IT security. When the basics are ignored due to putting off important updates or not wanting to spend money on anti-virus protection.

So, what happened?

The WannaCry Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to a computer or its files, demanding money to unlock the files.  Friday’s attack encrypted more than 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries, demanding a payment of $300. Researchers say payments won't help, as there is no way to actually track who has paid the ransom, and the decryption process requires personal interaction with the attackers. It's best to assume the files are lost unless there is a backup.

Making things worse, in addition to leveraging an exploit stolen form the NSA, Friday's attacks also included the installation of another stolen NSA tool – Double Pulsar – which leaves infected systems encrypted and exposed to remote attacks.

Warning for Monday: If you turn on a system without the MS17-010 patch and TCP port 445 open, your system can be ransomwared.

At the time of writing this, they have collected $53,453.58 USD in payments since Friday.

Updates, patches, anti-virus and blame

While Microsoft had released updates to patch the NSA exploits targeting SMB in March. However, these updates were for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, along with Windows Server 2008-2016. It was late Friday that Microsoft released patches for Windows XP and Server 2003. As solid paid anti-virus that blocks Ransomware would have also worked in preventing the spread.

Patching isn't a silver bullet

With many organizations like the NHS relying on Windows XP, which was discontinued from Microsoft's update cycle last year. Patching these systems is not always an option as they may have be relying on expensive medical devices that are using software not compatible with latest version of WIndows.

The silver lining

Most anti-virus vendors and endpoint protection vendors will detect Friday's variant of WannaCrypt, so new infections should be easier to flag. However, this doesn't mean the worst is over. Additional attacks are expected, which is why patching, disabling SMBv1, backups and paid anti-virus are so vital.

The WannaCry ransomware had slowed by late Friday partly due to a researcher who discovered the kill switch. All he had to do was register a domain because if the domain responds, WannaCry doesn't spread. Another variation on Sunday was stopped using a similar domain.

Kill Switch from Friday:
Kill Switch from Sunday:

Remember, payment won't recover the encrypted files. If backups aren't an option, you'll have restore the system and keep infected hard drive with hopes that there will be a decryption tool available in the weeks or months ahead.

Please ensure you update your system and have solid paid anti-virus. We recommend MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit ($49.95) and ESET Internet Security ($59.95).

Thursday, 2 March 2017

We have secured great discounts on domains for the rest of month.


March Domains Discounts
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$4.95 31st March, 2016 WI301TSAFF
Saturday, 4 February 2017

With Thexyz Webmail you have the choice of using your own domain or one of our domains. Using your own domain offers more features and benefits than using one of ours. I am going to list some of the reasons in this post to show you how the $14.95 per for a domain is well worth it.

Full Admin Control

When you use your own domain for Thexyz Webmail, you also get access the the admin area which enables additional features such as unlimited email aliases. You can also change your email address and edit your password yourself.

Microsoft‎ SharePoint Included

When using your own domain with Thexyz Webmail you also get a free hosted SharePoint site which includes 250MB of storage. This storage can be upgraded as needed.

Custom Webmail Site

When you use ‎your own domain, you also have the option to upgrade to use your own branded webmail site. This will let you use your own logo on login and webmail pages, you can also add notifications and messages to webmail. A great way to add notifications to all members of your domain. Using your own domain also adds the option to use webmail chat.

Secure Webmail Chat

Using your own domain with a custom webmail site adds a secure instant chat feature directly to webmail. This way you can chat instantly with other members of your domain.

Take Your Email Account To Different Providers

Unlike when you use your email account with the domain of your ISP or with free email providers. You are not tied down to using one service with your own domain. This means that can move your email service from different providers.
Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Recently, there has been a trend towards a more secure, SSL-protected online environment initiated by authorities like Google when they posted 2 years ago that HTTPS was now a ranking factor.

Starting January 2017, Google’s Chrome 56 browser will be warning users of unprotected login and signup pages, and this is just the first step towards ‘declaring’ all standard HTTP pages as insecure. To meet the security demands of 2017 in advance, it is advisable to begin being secured with an SSL certificate.

The history behind the HTTPS rush

Google has recently started pushing towards HTTPS more vigorously about a year ago when they announced that HTTPS encryption would become a ranking signal and started giving secure pages a slight edge over unprotected ones.

Google’s rush towards a more secure web was supported by other online institutions like the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), which made SSL certificates freely accessible to the public in April 2016 via the Let’s Encrypt project.

Many internet users regard the green padlock as an indication that the site is secure and legit.
With studies by Google showing that the current neutral HTTP connection icon doesn’t reflect the true lack of security and the potential for man-in-the-middle attacks.

For this reason, in September 2016, Google’s security team members announced their plans to start marking HTTP connections as insecure.

This will take place gradually, based on increasingly stringent criteria, the first step will be warning that HTTP pages which collect passwords or credit card information as non-secure.
Already, the latest version of Google Chrome 56 which was released earlier in December, is now displaying such warnings. Moving forward this is how non-secure pages will be labeled from now on:

For Chrome users, this will be the beginning of stricter HTTPS standards as Google has announced plans to gradually escalate the process by displaying warnings every time a non-SSL-encrypted connection is loaded.

You may have noticed the warnings when you visit a website that has a expired or broken SSL certficates and displays a HTTPS error:

How will the new Chrome update affect Internet users?

The update applies only to the latest version of Chrome – which according to W3Schools, is the browser of choice for a staggering 72.5% of web users in September 2016. The number of people using Google Chrome has been steadily growing since its release in 2008.

For more information on these browser stats, take a look at: detailed, year-to-year browser usage stats on W3Schools’ website.

In the HTTPS migration guide, Google identifies several key reasons for switching to HTTPS:
1. Encryption – user-submitted sensitive data like login details or credit card information is encrypted and protected from eavesdroppers who could otherwise steal it;
2. Data integrity – user data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected;
3. Authentication – users can rest assured that they communicate with the intended website (this also helps site owners build trust with their audience);

The HTTPS rush – a great ranking and user trust benefit for your website

The popular CMS platform WordPress also recently tweeted a guide about moving towards SSL.

With improved search ranking and increase in user trustworthness of your website there has never been a better time to install an SSL certificate on your website. Here at Thexyz, we offer SSL certificates below the retail price and free installation.
Friday, 13 January 2017

Start this year with great discounts on domains continued from our holiday promotion. 


January Domains Discounts
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