Monday, 27 November 2017
The holiday season’s shopping spree is here so it’s just about time for us to open up the box of special winter deals.

For today, the entry-level dedicated servers will be available at a lifetime discount of up to 30%.
Read further below to learn more about the new exclusive price reductions.

How powerful are the Atom-based dedicated servers?

The Intel Atom-powered server range represents a great entry-level solution for light processing tasks.
From a hardware point of view, the Atom-based servers are small-sized, low-powered and virtually silent machines offering fast sleep/wake features.
The Atom 2 and Atom 3 configurations are equipped with SSD drives that practically have no moving parts for ultimate reliability.
Our lowest energy-consuming selection of dedicated servers is perfect for hosting small and medium-sized business applications that do not require a lot of processing power or large storage capacity.
It’s also excellent for anyone wishing to run, say, a testing/remote backup server, an office file server or a lightweight web server.

Intel Atom D525 - 17% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR

Intel Atom C2550- 20% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR

Intel Atom C2750 - 30% off - Coupon: 8I5S16WHSR


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