Sunday, 22 April 2018
Earlier today we helped some Gmail users examine some spam messages that appeared to be sent from the Canadian telecommunication company Telus. Upon examining the headers of the emails it shows that these emails are not actually being sent through Telus servers. Instead they are being spoofed. This kind of spammy behavior is on the rise and should be dealt with by enabled DMARC on the domain.

Image by Reddit user: computerstuffs

Domains hosted on Thexyz Webmail are protected from this kind of abuse with a strong DMARC policy, along with DKIM and SPF records.

We reached out to Telus via Twitter to inform them of the widespread abuse and what they need to do to fix the issue. Telus have been quick to react and should be implementing a DMARC policy as we recommended. There has been quite a bit of discussion on this through our support team and on Reddit.

All email providers have a role to play in reducing spam and here at Thexyz, we are happy to offer our assistance and expertise. You can check out the Gmail Help Forum topic here.

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