Wednesday, 9 May 2018

In the latest episode of 'Perry on Privacy,' Perry was asked if by using Google Analytics will an organization be GDPR compliant?

There seems to be some confusion here, as many people are under the impression that if Google is becoming GDPR compliant, then if I use Google, I must be compliant too. That is not the case. I also have some concerns about contradictions and interpretations of Google's latest statement found here.

I also recommend disabling Google Analytics and checking out Matomo, not only will this reduce GDPR compliance risk, it will speed up your website, improve rankings and increase the privacy of your website visitors.

Check out my latest Podcast: Is Google Analytics compliant with GDPR? Feel free to leave me a question. Thank you,

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I'm Perry Toone, a British Software Developer with keen expertise in spam and fraud prevention.  You'll regularly find me talking about email privacy and best practices via my podcast.

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